Who Makes ONN TV: Is ONN TV Worth the Money?

ONN TV is manufactured by Duraband, which is a private label tradename of one of the biggest retail chains, Walmart. In simple words, the television is manufactured by Duraband but sold by Walmart.

Buying a new television is not about picking up a random television that looks stunning, vivid, and dazzling.

You have to do in-depth research to get an overview of the marketplace and the types of televisions available. 

Who Makes ONN TV

You don’t have to bother much about their performance when it comes to big brands like Samsung, LG, Hisense, Toshiba, or TCL.

Having a great reputation among customers, televisions from these brands can be purchased blindly after reviewing the features. 

However, when it comes to new releases by someone who is not known for manufacturing televisions, plenty of questions need to be answered.

For instance, a newly launched brand not known to everyone might have a price tag that entices you.

But what about the performance, the features, and reliability? These are the questions you may need to ask before making a purchase. 

Regarding televisions, ONN TV is gaining popularity and taking up some shelves in small and big electronics stores.

This does not sound familiar to any of the brands you may have gone through recently while surfing online stores. 

But the question is “Who Makes ONN TV”. What is the price range, what screen sizes are in ONN TV, and more? Let’s dive in.

Who Makes ONN TV?

As you may not know Duraband is a chain of different manufacturers including Initial Technology, Funai, Resonance, Orion, and Maxell. 

Not long ago, Orion Electric, a well-known Japanese electronics company, manufactured televisions for big brands like Emerson, Toshiba, JVC, and Hitachi.

Presently, the Duraband TVs are sourced from Funai Electric. The manufacturing site of ONN TV is located in China.

What Screen Sizes are Available on ONN TV?

Screen size is one of the factors everyone looks at when buying a new television. If you are looking for different screen sizes and comparisons, make sure to read our post on TV Size Comparison

What screen sizes are available on ONN TV? You will be surprised that ONN TV offers screen sizes ranging from 32 to 65 inches.

The majority of models are available in 4K resolution. At the same time, prices are also surprisingly low, as discussed in the next section.

What is the Average Price of ONN TV?

ONN TV Model Price 
ONN 32 Inch Roku Smart TV$108
ONN 43 Inch 4K Roku Smart TV$178
Onn 50-inch 4K Roku Smart TV$219 
Onn 55-inch 4K Roku Smart TV$258 
Onn 58-inch 4K Roku Smart TV$289 
Onn 65-inch 4K Roku Smart TV$398 
Prices are subject to change. Available at Walmart Online and Local Stores

 If you are tight on budget and need something more for less, we recommend you go for ONN TV.

The prices are affordable as compared to Samsung, LG, TCL, and Hisense.

If you want a television that displays a clear picture, good sound quality, and a bunch of smart features, you may consider buying an ONN TV. 

For instance, if you are looking forward to streaming Netflix after a tiring day, free sports coverage on PhotoCall TV, ONN TV is the best choice.

It provides you with a large screen, a clear display, and many other features you might have only imagined in a low-cost smart TV.  

But suppose you want something exceptional that brings extraordinary clarity, vivid display, realistic sound, and top-notch features.

In that case, you may wait for a while unless your budget allows you to do so.

In case only affordable price is your top concern, ONN TV is a deal breaker, also offering a warranty to win your trust.

What Features does ONN TV have to Offer?

You cannot buy a television without diving deep into what’s being offered. One of the things to look for when buying a television is its features.

Although different models and screen sizes of ONN TVs are available in different price ranges, the specs are more or less the same.

Mind that Walmart has not specified specs in detail.

But with the help of little product details provided, we will make it easy for you. Some of the common features of ONN TV include:

  1. Wireless Internet Connectivity  

Today the major feature without which everything seems to look so empty and missing is its wireless internet connectivity.

So, if you want to connect your TV to WiFi, It must have the WiFi option in it.

ONN TV has preloaded apps like Netflix, Roku, Disney, Peacock, Hulu, and many more.

Wireless Internet Connectivity

You can download as many apps as you want (depending on storage) and enjoy browsing, streaming, and gaming on ONN TV with wireless internet connectivity. 

  1. 4K UHD Resolution 

ONN TV does come with a low price tag. But that does not mean you should underestimate its offerings.

4K UHD Resolution

Whether you want to stream your favorite show on Netflix, Reelz or binge-watch the latest TV series, ONN TV 4K UHD Resolution provides a crisp and vivid picture.

Although it might not be equivalent to what you saw in Samsung or other big brands, but still, ONN TV meets far beyond your expectations regarding display. 

  1. 60Hz Refresh Rate

Undoubtedly, ONN TV is one of its kind with great specs and features to keep ordinary viewers entertained and stay within budget. 60Hz refresh rate ONN TV is more than enough.

Refresh Rate

However, if you are a serious gamer, you may choose 120Hz refresh rate television. But if you are not a gamer, skip to the next part. 

  1. HDMI Connectivity 

Whether you want to connect your laptop or a projector, an HDMI port is necessary.

HDMI Connectivity

ONN TV is equipped with an HDMI port to help you connect other peripherals, such as a projector, gaming console, and other devices.

If you want to watch a blockbuster movie on a big screen, attach a projector with ONN TV and get started. 

  1. USB Port 

Want to view pictures of your first child’s birthday with the whole family? Just copy all of the pictures on a USB and connect it to your ONN TV.


Everyone can see, comment, and enjoy family pictures without complaining.

You can also copy your favorite movie on weekend nights and connect it to big ONN TV to watch it in 4K resolution. 

  1. Headphones

If you are a serious gamer, you may need headphones to enjoy a realistic environment and sound.


And if you are living with someone else, who does not want to get disturbed by noise, you need not worry.

A headphones port is also included in ONN TV so that you can watch TV without disturbing others in the room.

Infographic of What Features does ONN TV have to Offer

Where Can I Buy Onn TV?

As we mentioned earlier, ONN TV is manufactured by Duraband but sold by Walmart.

If you are looking forward to buying an ONN TV, head over to walmart.com online store or visit any local Walmart store near your area whether you live in Canada, the United States, or the United Kingdom. 

If you want to save more money, you can even buy a refurbished ONN TV on eBay or Amazon.

However, we recommend you go for the first hand as it is already available at a cheap price.

ONN TV Pros and Cons

ONN TV delivers some extraordinary features that are hard to find at such a low price.

However, along with low-priced TV, there are also drawbacks, which we would like to discuss in this section.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of ONN TV.


  • Affordable Low-Cost Smart TV

As we have already mentioned, ONN TV is one of the most affordable brands ever.

Smart TV

Many Chinese companies like TCL have captured a huge market share by offering state-of-the-art televisions competing with brands like Samsung and LG. 

But when it comes to ONN TV, it offers all the features that a smart TV normally delivers such as wireless internet connectivity, HDMI ports, 4K resolution, and USB port.

ONN TV is just a deal stealer for savvy people for basic TV usage. 

  • Easy Availability 

Walmart is one of the leading retail stores running in countries including the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

You can find local and online stores and purchase your television instantly.

ONN TV is only for sale at Walmart, which should not be an issue if you often shop from Amazon or any other store.

Walmart has a good reputation among customers, and purchasing an ONN TV will not disappoint you. 

  • Warranty

Purchasing electronics and appliances like television is attached to many fears and insecurities. One of them is its reliability and value for money.

Although ONN TV is an affordable option compared to LG and Samsung, you may still need some assurance.


Worry not; ONN TV comes with a warranty provided by Element Electronics.

If you face any problem with the hardware or software, you can claim the warranty without worrying about hefty expenses.

Make sure to read the terms and conditions stated on the warranty card for better understanding.


Expensive and reputed brands like Samsung and LG are charging money due to many reasons.

On the contrary, if you look at ONN TV, you will find drawbacks that cannot be ignored.

Let’s find some of the cons of ONN TV. 

  • Picture and Sound Quality 

If you are too much cautious about sound and picture quality, ONN TV is not for you.

Compared to Samsung and other big brands, sound and picture quality are not good, as you may have noticed in the reputed brands.

However, because you cannot pay a hefty amount to buy those expensive TVs, ONN TV is still a better choice.

At least you will get enough picture details and sound quality to satisfy you. 

  • Low Performance 

Getting an idea about the drawbacks or cons of any item is usually inferred from customer reviews and ratings.

Low Performance

A few customers have complained about the screen turning black and flicks while others have complained about sound quality.

But these issues can be easily claimed through the warranty given on ONN TV.

Is ONN TV Good/Worth the Money?

If you are looking for dirt-cheap options to buy a television, ONN TV is worth every penny.

Of course, some drawbacks could be a major concern for many people.

But looking at the features, we recommend you try it for once as its features are still worth hundreds of dollars.

Summing Up

The final verdict is ready after reviewing ONN TV including pros and cons, price, screen size, and other features.

ONN TV is a great way to save money and get basic smart TV features for your favorite shows and movies.

However, if you are keen to detail and can’t compromise on picture and sound quality, then ONN TV is not for you at all.


ONN TV is a brand offered by Walmart and manufactured by Duraband.

You will be getting a service and parts warranty on ONN TV for one year from the date of purchase

To claim the ONN TV warranty, call the toll-free number at (844) 334-2355. Ensure you have all the details before calling, such as the date of purchase, serial, and model number.

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