TV Size Comparison: Screen Sizes and Best Settings

Hereโ€™s the TV size comparison chart in inches and centimeters.

Size in inchesDiagonal in CMWidth in CMWidth in inches Height in CMHeight in inches
32 inches81.28 cm70.84 cm27.9 Inches39.85 cm15.7 inches
37 inches 93.98cm81.91cm32.25 inches46.07 cm18.1 inches
40 inches101.6 cm88.55 cm34.8 inches49.81 cm19.6 inches
42 inches406.68 cm92.98 cm36.6 inches52.3 cm20.6 inches
47 inches119.38 cm104.05 cm40.9 inches58.53 cm23 inches
50 inches127 cm110.69 cm43.5 inches62.26 cm24.5 inches
55 inches139.7 cm121.76 cm47.9 inches68.49 cm26.9 inches
62 inches157.48 cm137.26 cm54 inches77.21 cm30.4 inches
70 inches177.8 cm154.97 cm61 inches87.17cm34.3 inches

Buying something expensive and meant to last years must be carefully evaluated before checking out the cart.

Television is one of those investments that need to be considered carefully. 

In the past, we have seen the transformation from black-white televisions to colored ones and knobs and buttons to remotes and voice control.

Netflix reported 75.57 million paid streaming subscribers across the United States and Canada in the Second quarter of 2023.


Today, television is used to watch traditional cable channels and for streaming, gaming, browsing, and video calling. 

TV Size Comparison and its Differences

If you have been looking for a new television, you may consider factors like having a fancy remote, some pre-loaded applications, and ports to connect gaming consoles. 

All of these considerations should be on your list but not be prioritized.

This statement might surprise you, but it is a fact that there is one more thing that is more important than any other feature. 

We are talking about the size of television that perfectly fits in your office or at home. It is important to know that different room sizes demand different TV sizes.

For instance, a large living room with a 32-inch television will not give you the best experience. And the same goes for if you put a 70-inch TV in a small bedroom.

Big is not always better, and small is not always terrible.

In this post, we will give you a detailed guide on TV size comparison and the differences.

Popular TV Screen Sizes

TV sizes are normally referred to as screen size, which is measured diagonally from top to bottom.

The most popular TV sizes are 32 inches, 43 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches, and 85 inches.

Before you look into any other feature, it is important to consider the dimensions and screen size of the television carefully.

Another important factor that allows you to decide on the perfect screen size is space availability.

Fitting a 70-inch television in a 30-inch space is not only difficult but also impossible. 

Popular TV Screen Sizes

TV Size Comparison

When comparing TV sizes, we will also be discussing the size of the room and where to set it to get a better experience. Hereโ€™s what you need to know. 

  1. 32 Inch vs 40 Inch TV

If you compare a 32-inch TV with a 40-inch TV, you may not find much difference. But upon inspecting it carefully, you will find a difference in width of up to 17.7cm.

If you have decided to buy a 32-inch TV, it is perfect for a small bedroom.

32 inch vs 40 inch

However, it can also be placed in a kitchen to view your favorite shows while cooking meals, preparing desserts, and washing dishes. 

There is not much difference in the price of a 32-inch TV and a 40-inch TV; therefore, we would recommend you go for a 40-inch TV for a better viewing experience.ย 

Size AreaWidth Height
32 inches438-inch square0.283 meter square27.9 Inches70.9 cm15.7 Inches39.9 cm
40 inches684 inches square0.441-meter square34.9 inches88.6 cm19.6 inches49.8 cm
  1. 43 Inch vs 50 Inch TV

Pointing out the difference between 43 inches and 50 inches is not much visible.

There are several factors to consider when deciding what TV size is better for you when it comes to 43-inch and 50-inch TVs.

It all depends on your budget, the brand you are buying, and the type of screen you prefer. For instance, you can find the QLED series from Samsung in a 50-inch size.

43 inch vs 50 inch

When it comes to LG, you will get the OLED series in a 55-inch TV. The perfect place for a television with a 43 to 50-inch TV is a medium room.

But small bedrooms and living rooms can still be used for setting up 50-inch televisions.ย 

Size AreaWidth Height
43 inches791-inch square0.511 meter square37.5 inches95.3 cm21.1inches53.6 cm
50 inches1068 inches square0.689-meter square43.6 inches110.7 cm24.5 inches62.2 cm
  1. 55 Inch vs 65 Inch TV

The difference between 55 inch TV and 65 inch TV is only 22 cm. The difference will make a huge impact on where you place the television.

55 Inch Vs 65 Inch TV

Normally, televisions of this size are placed in a big living room. Going for a 55-inch TV is a great choice if you want a better view.

But we would recommend you loosen up your pocket and pay extra money for a bigger size. 

Size AreaWidth Height
55 inches1293-inch square0.835 meter square47.9 inches121.7 cm27 inches68.6 cm
65 inches1809 inches square1.166-meter square56.7 inches144.0 cm31.9 inches81.0 cm
  1. 65 Inch vs 75 Inch TV

The difference between 65 inches and 75 inches is only 22 cm.

65 Inch Vs 75 Inch TV

Remember that if you are looking for such a large television, you must purchase a special mount, especially if the weight is 30kg or more.

Size AreaWidth Height
65 inches1809 inches square1.166-meter square56.7 inches144.0 cm31.9 inches81.0 cm
75 inches2407 inches square1.553 meter square65.4 inches166.1 cm36.8 inches93.5 cm
  1. 75 Inch vs 85 Inch TV

As we mentioned earlier, television is an investment that lasts for years. And when it comes to big screen TVs starting from 75 inches to 85 inches, you have to be careful about your preferences.

Firstly you must ensure that a TV of such size can be accommodated easily in your room.ย 

75 Inch Vs 85 Inch TV

When it comes to the difference in sizes, there is only a 22 cm difference. Before you go on a shopping spree, make sure to calculate the space and decide what screen size is going to adjust perfectly in a given setting. 

Size AreaWidth Height
75 inches2407 inches square1.553 meter square65.4 inches166.1 cm36.8 inches93.5 cm
85 inches3090 inches square1.993 meter square74.1 inches188.2 Cm41.7 inches105.9 cm 
Infographic of TV Size Comparison

Summing Up

When it comes to buying a television, you have to be vigilant about the size of the TV and its space.

If you want to learn more about how to measure TV screens, make sure to scroll down our website for more informational posts and guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to good TV size, it all depends on the space and where you want to set your television.

However, televisions smaller than 50 inches can generally be placed in the kitchen or bedroom.

At the same time, televisions ranging from 50 inches to 65 inches are ideal for living rooms. For a cinema-like experience at home, choose a 70-inch TV or larger.

Choosing the right size of TV for a home depends on where you want to be seated. For instance, if your seating arrangement is 6 feet away from the television, you must have at least a 40-inch television.

Whereas, for a distance of 8 feet, a 50-inch TV is a much better choice. If you want to sit 9 feet away, go no less than a 60-inch television.

Choosing the perfect TV size for the bedroom depends on viewing distance and the room size. For instance, a 10 by 10 feet bedroom requires a television ranging from 40 to 50 inches.

However, for a bigger bedroom, like a 16 by 16 feet bedroom, you need to look for a bigger screen size ranging from 70 to 80 inches.

Unlike the bedroom and kitchen, the living room requires a bigger television. For instance, a kitchen or bedroom requires a television ranging from 40-50 inches.

However, in the living room, you must go for between 50 and 65 inches of television.

When it comes to 32 inch TV, the ideal viewing distance is 7 feet. So, if you have such a small living room, 32 32-inch TV is ideal.

Otherwise, you must go for a bigger screen size if the living room is larger.

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