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Bitcasa is transforming the drive. By providing secure APIs and white label cloud storage applications for partners across the device economy including: device manufacturers, network operators, and software developers. Bitcasa helps the device economy create deeper relationships with their customers in over 140 countries worldwide. Bitcasa has built an incredible array of complicated functionality so partners can focus on developing core services instead of re-inventing cloud storage. All of Bitcasa’s services leverage the core technology of our platform, providing benefits for our partners, developers and our own end users.

Data Security

Bitcasa uses the top tier AES-256 and RSA-2048 encryption ciphers for data storage, combined with convergent encryption which allows us to de-duplicate encrypted data. Access to any piece of data is secured via keys and metadata unique to each individual user, in a graph, using a patent pending key management algorithm. The result is complete privacy and security, or what we call zero-knowledge encryption. Meaning that even Bitcasa employees cannot access or determine what files are in any given user’s account.

Data Ownership & Management

For developers and Turn-key Drive partners, we realize that maintaining control of your users, data, and brand is crucial to your success. Yet, most 3rd party solutions don’t provide it. Both Bitcasa CloudFS and Turn-key Drive have been designed to integrate with your existing authentication systems, while providing you with metrics on how your users are making use of their storage. You own your users from start to finish. Bitcasa can even provide authentication and billing services for Turn-key Drive partners who do not have them already available.

Efficiency & Performance

Bitcasa is deployed in North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe, allowing us to provide high-performance, region-specific storage worldwide. When users upload and download, their data stays in that region, creating a faster and smoother user experience which is further enhanced by smart client caching. Bitcasa has also developed proprietary de-duplication technology, which makes much more efficient use of public clouds. The platform is also built to utilize any public cloud, which provides the opportunity to optimize across providers.

Platform Scalability

Scalability really starts at the user level. All Bitcasa services have been built to provide users with cross-device, cross-platform storage, access, and sharing so that their cloud storage can evolve with their needs. All files are automatically transcoded so that they can be viewed or streamed on any other device. Plus, there are no limits on the size of an individual file, or on the number of files in an account. By running on top of public clouds, Bitcasa can only run out of storage space if the internet runs out of storage space.