Roku TV Keeps Turning OFF (Reasons & Quick Fixes)

If your Roku TV keeps turning off, you can fix it by:

  • Checking the Power Plug 
  • Restarting it
  • Updating its Firmware
  • Cooling it down
  • Checking Voltage
  • Turning of HDMI-CEC
  • Disconnecting Voice Assistants
  • Disabling Auto Power Saving Mode
  • Disconnecting Gaming Console
  • Factory Resetting it
  • Checking Roku App

Streaming has given us the freedom to access movies, TV shows, and documentaries on the go.

Unlike cable services, you can watch at your convenience time and pay not even half of its subscription.

Thanks to the internet and the freedom it has offered us as entertainment fanatics.  Not only streaming is becoming mainstream in households worldwide, but also streaming devices.

One of the most popular is Roku TV, which allows you to watch different streaming platforms and services without adding any extra device. 

Statistics reveal that the active users of Roku services as of the first quarter of 2023 are 71.6 million. 

It is loved by people worldwide due to its clean interface and user-friendliness. But that does not mean you will not face any trouble at all.

From black screen problems to Netflix crashing on it, you may experience some trouble occasionally. 

It does not mean you need to scrap your television in a junkyard. You have to tweak it and get it back to normal.

So, if your Roku TV keeps turning off, you can troubleshoot it without expertise.

Why Does Roku TV Keep Turning Off?

There are plenty of reasons behind it. But that does not mean you must keep some savings aside to get a new one.

Why Does My Roku TV Keep Turning Off
Roku TV

Some of them might be troublesome, while others may require adjusting the plug in the power outlet correctly.

So here’s an overview of why it happens.

  • Power Plug Not Connected Properly
  • Firmware Needs to Update
  • Low Power
  • HDMI CEC Feature Enabled
  • Overheating
  • Sleep Timer Turned On
  • Auto Power Saving Mode
  • System Bugs
  • Hardware Issues

How to Fix Roku TV if it Keeps Turning OFF?

It is just like any other smart TV on the market, with problems that may arise without informing you.

Whether you want to watch Reelz without cable or want to binge-watch Netflix originals, if it keeps turning off, it may ruin the fun and excitement.

Before it ruins your weekend, here’s what you can do to fix it rather than complain.

Method 1 – Check the Power Plug

Before stressing out and wasting time troubleshooting your TV, it is better to check whether the power plug is inserted correctly in the socket.

Check the Power Plug
Check the power plug

Is the power cord cracked somewhere, which may result in this issue? Make sure that all your power cords and cables are arranged properly.

Sometimes, tangled cables and wires can also disrupt the TV.

Do not jampack the area with unnecessary cords and cables to prevent them from tangling.

Method 2 – Restart it

Roku TV can get into problems like any other device due to glitches. And that’s normal because most devices need a restart after a while.

Restart Roku TV
Restart the TV

Performing a power cycle can fix the issue. Disconnect the plug from the electric outlet and wait for 30 seconds. Now connect back again and turn on your television. 

If you don’t have a remote, you can turn it ON just like you turn ON Vizio TV without the remote.

You can also restart the TV from the menu. Here are some steps you need to follow. 

  • From the remote, press the Home key to launch the Home Screen.
  • Go to Settings and select Power.
  • Click on System Restart and then select Restart.

All done. Hopefully, your TV will not turn off automatically. If the problem persists, move to method 3.

Method 3 – Firmware Update

Updating your device is vital to keep them away from bugs and glitches. It may also add features to your existing device to give you more features and capabilities.

Update Roku TV Firmware
System update

If you have not updated your Roku TV for a long, it is time to do it now. Here’s how to update its firmware. 

  • Press the Home key on the remote.
  • Go to Settings and select Systems.
  • Click Software Update and then select Check Now.

If Roku rolls out the firmware updates, it may start updating your device. Please do not turn it off while the firmware is being updated.

However, if there are no updates but the problem is still unresolved, follow the next method.

Method 4 – Let Your TV Cool Down

You may have your TV running for hours without giving it a rest. Overheating of electronics can cause problems like slowing down or other glitches.

If that is the case, you need to give it a rest and let it cool down. Please wait for a minute or two to let it completely cool down.

Remind to disconnect it completely from the power outlet when cooling it down.

Plug back into the power outlet and check if the problem has been resolved.

Method 5 – Check for Voltage

Sometimes, you may experience voltage fluctuation at your home. The voltage fluctuation can also cause it to keep turning off.

Check for Voltage
Using voltmeter

It is advised to disconnect your television from the electric outlet as it may damage the internal parts.

However, you can check another power socket if you can’t wait long.

But avoid it, as it may cause a big loss.

Method 6 – Turn Off HDMI-CEC

Turning on the HDMI CEC function on your Roku TV can allow you to perform basic functions. It can allow you to turn on the TV without requiring another remote.

HDMI cable

But it may also be one of the reasons. If you disable the feature, it may resolve the issue just like many other people. 

Here’s how to turn off HDMI CEC on Roku TV. 

  • On the remote, press the Home button and click on Settings
  • Go to System and choose Control Other Devices 
  • Uncheck 1-Touch Play and System Audio Control to turn it off

Method 7 – Disconnect Assistants

Roku televisions are integrated with the latest technology and can be controlled with voice. They are also compatible with Google Home, Apple Home, and Amazon Alexa.

It may also be why the Roku TV turns off even if the voice search is not being used.

Disconnecting voice assistants from it can also help resolve the issue once and for all.

Method 8 – Disconnect Gaming Console

If you are a gamer, you might have connected your gaming console to it for a better view and larger display.

However, some gaming consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo have the feature of turning your television on or off.

Even if the gaming console has been disconnected, you may need to look for the option in Settings and turn it off.

Check whether the issue is resolved or not. If not, continue reading it.

Method 9 – Check Roku App

There might be a glitch in the Roku app, which may cause your TV to turn off. It is better to update the Roku App frequently after the updates are released.

Check Roku App
Roku mobile app

If the Roku App does not show your TV, ensure that both devices are connected to the same WiFi network simply by going to Settings > Network > About.

If your TV won’t connect to WiFi, you can pair the TV to WiFi again or perform a reset.

Method 10 – Factory Reset

You might not feel easy when factory resetting your device, but most problems can be resolved by doing this.

You may have installed your favorite apps and have adjusted settings, but now it is time to revert it to its original.

Factory Reset Roku TV
Factory reset

Let’s find out how to factory reset the Roku TV.

  • Go to Settings and Click on System.
  • Click Advanced System Settings and choose Factory Reset.

Your TV will be factory reset, and your data and preferences will be deleted. Please do not turn it off until the factory reset is complete.

Method 11 – Disable Auto Power Saving Mode

Auto power saving mode is a great feature that you may find in smart TVs, including Roku.

This feature helps you save your power if your television is idle for a long time.

Disable Auto Power Saving Mode
Auto power savings mode

You can disable auto power saving mode simply by following the below steps. 

  • Go to Settings and select System.
  • Go to Power and select Auto Power Savings.
  • Uncheck all the Boxes to disable auto power saving mode.

Method 12 – Call Customer Support

If none of the above methods have worked, it is time to call customer support.

Check the timings on Roku’s official website and call it on the given time and day.

Tell your problem and the support personnel will help you resolve the problem.

Method 13 – Go to Repair Center

If none of the aforementioned methods have worked, it is time to go to a repair center to get it fixed.

Go to Repair Center
Repairing TV

Make sure to take your valid warranty card so that no extra charges are slapped. However, you may need to bear extra charges if your warranty has expired.

Infographic of How to Fix Roku TV if it Keeps Turning Off
Infographic: Fixing Roku TV that keeps turning OFF

Summing Up

In this post, we have figured out why the Roku TV keeps turning off. 

If you have a warranty left, you can easily claim it and get it fixed without any charges.

But if your warranty has expired, you may need to bear extra charges or try replacing it with a new one. Call customer support for assistance and answer your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your Roku TV keeps turning off and on, it may be due to the reasons. Some of them include issues like:

  • The firmware needs to be updated.
  • Auto Power Saving Mode is turned on.
  • A glitch in the Roku App.
  • Connected Voice Assistant or Gaming Console.
  • HDMI-CEC is turned on.
  • Voltage Fluctuation.
  • Overheating.

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