Should You Put a TV in Front of a Window or Avoid it?

You should not put a TV in front of a window to get the best viewing experience. It will strain your eyes and also block the sunlight. If something breaks through the glass, it can also damage your TV.

Television is a great entertainer available in every household.

Watching live sporting events, Grammy awards, breaking news, weather updates, and blockbuster movies, TV keeps you engaged, entertained, and informed throughout the day. 

The leading ad supported cable network in the United States in 2022 ranked by number of viewers was FOX News.


Many people prefer subscribing to a cable provider to have plenty of choices to watch their favorite programming.

While some people are hesitant and subscribe to streaming services to save cost, avoid hidden charges, and enjoy the freedom to cancel anytime. 

Place tv in front of window

Today, the topic is a bit different and related to television placement. You may have noticed while watching television the comfort and stress on your eyes differ.

It is possibly due to the TV screen size and the distance from it. Moreover, it could be due to lighting that is directly creating problems in viewing clearly. 

If you are one of those who have placed the TV in front of the window, you may find it difficult to view it comfortably.

However, some possibilities exist to place your television in front of the window.

Tips to Place TV in Front of Window

You have rented a home, and there is no other option than placing your TV in front of a window.

Here are some tips for placing the TV in front of a window to get a better viewing experience without glare. 

  1. Find the Direction of Light 

The first thing to consider when placing your Tv in front of the window is to look at the direction of light. Check the source from where it comes and avoid any location that is in front of the window.

The reason is that the light will pass through it inevitably, making it impossible for you to watch television during the day. 

Find the Direction of Light

Now imagine if you have only one option to place your TV; what would be the best placement? The answer is that you should determine where less light is received.

It should also be remembered that the location opposite to window is also unsuitable. Find out where sunlight passes through the window less than any other area.

Place your television there to avoid any glare

  1. Consider Electric Outlets 

If you have moved to a new home and must place your TV in front of the window, you must check the outlets.

If there is only one outlet, you can consider buying an electric extension to make adding other entertainment options more convenient.

However, placing your television in front of a window with multiple outlets will be quite helpful. 

Consider Electric Outlets

Choosing another location to place your TV is a better option if there is no outlet in front of a window.

But if placing it in front of a window cannot be avoided, there is only one way to deal with it.

Buy an electric extension and plug it into a nearby outlet, whether it be in the kitchen or your bedroom.

Also, avoid placing your TV higher as It can be an issue to turn ON your TV if you lose the remote.

However, in doing so, ensure the wire is properly managed to avoid any accidents, especially if you have kids or pets at home. 

  1. Buy a Blind to Avoid Glare 

Now that you have only one option to place your TV i.e. in front of a window. That’s okay. You can’t change a living room’s overall settings without the homeowner’s consent.

The only solution to resolve the issue is to find anything that could prevent light from entering the room and creating a disturbance. 

Buy a Blind to Avoid Glare

The best solution is to bring a roll-up blind to cover windows. Whenever you wish to watch television, you can pull the strings and roll them down to reduce the passage of light resulting in glare. 

Roll-up blinds are also a good option if you don’t want to watch television in a pitch-dark room that would otherwise harm your eyes.

We would recommend you buy black blinds for a better experience. But you can choose blinds of your choice available in different patterns, designs, and colors. 

  1. Go for a Window Tint 

So you are in that phase where there is no option left to place your TV rather in front of the window. Don’t worry; there are plenty of options to deal with it. Adding a tint to your window is an ideal way if you want to place your TV in front of the window.

Window Tint

The darker the tint, the lesser the glare. So we recommend you go for a black window tint for a better viewing experience.

If you have a problem installing tint on your window, hire a professional and finish it quickly. 

  1. Placing TV in a Custom Box/Showcase

If none of the options are working for you, there is another way to deal with placing your TV in front of a window.

For instance, you can order a custom wooden box fitting a TV and other accessories without hassle. 

Ordering a custom box would be the best choice as it fits your requirements whether your TV is 32 inches or 85 inches.

Placing TV in a Custom BoxShowcase

All you need to do is take measurements of the television. Write it down, but that is not the final measurement.

You have some other entertainment accessories and devices such as an audio theater, projector, and gaming console. 

Make sure to add some more space to the box and provide enough room for other accessories and entertainment items you want to keep alongside the television.

  1. Ceiling Mount is a Viable Option 

You have limited space in a rented home, and there is nowhere to set your television except from the window one.

Placing a TV in front of a window with the help of a stand is great as long as you follow the tips above. 

Ceiling Mount

But what if the window covers the whole area and placing a stand looks a little weird?

Moreover, mounting the TV in a wall is impossible as a window covers the area completely. 

If you are in a similar situation, you can choose a ceiling mount as an alternative.

Now the height of the mount from the ceiling to the sitting area should be such that it does not hurt your neck.

The best position is at the level of the seating area. You can try and test various positions to get a better idea.

Infographic of Tips to Place TV in Front of Window

Why TV in Front of a Window is Harmful?

In the previous section, we discussed some tips for placing the TV in front of a window. But only when you are out of space.

However, placing a TV in front of the window is harmful and should be the last priority.

Let’s examine why the TV in front of the window is harmful. 

  • Harmful for Eyes

No matter how expensive your television is, you may suffer many health concerns if you have not placed it in the right position.

One of them is damaging your eyes. Placing the TV in front of the window will strain your eyes while battling with the natural light. 

Harmful for Eyes

And long-term exposure can even lead to blindness. Make sure to place your TV in an area where the light setting is not too dim or too high.

Additionally, if you can’t place it in except in front of the window, you should always use a window blind or tinted glass.

  • Blocking of Sunlight 

Sunlight is a natural light source and important nutrition for the body such as vitamin D.

If you place your television in front of the window, you will block the sunlight from entering the room.

And if your TV is 70 inches wide, it will hardly let any light come in.

This may result in an imbalance of lighting in the room, especially in winter. 

Blocking of Sunlight
  • Hurdle in Operating Windows 

Another reason to avoid placing a TV in front of windows is that it can be a great hurdle for you to operate windows.

For instance, you may not be able to open and close windows by yourself unless some external help by any other member is provided.

Make sure to avoid blocking windows by placing a TV in a position where everything is smooth and clear of obstacles. 

  • TV is Not Safe 

Placing your television in front of the window does not only cause sunlight from entering, but also it is not safe in any way.

If something breaks through the glass, it can damage your TV, especially in areas with frequent winds and thunderstorms.

Tv is not safe

So what is the best position to place your television? Here’s an overview.

Best Places to Place Your TV

Television is a movable object and can be placed according to your settings and requirements.

However, if you are mounting it on a wall, you may not be able to move it as easily as if it was placed on a stand.

If you want to have the best experience while watching TV, make sure to follow the tips given below. 

  • Don’t Place Your TV Opposite to Window 

You have to be wary of lighting when placing your television.

Placing it in front of the window is unsuitable, and placing it right opposite the window will also ruin your experience.

opposite the window

Make sure to consider lighting factors when placing your television for optimal experience. 

  • Placing it in a Room without Sunlight

Some rooms in your home are such that they do not receive any sunlight. And if you have that one room, we recommend you use it.

The reason is that you can place the television anywhere in the room and arrange seating such as sofas, cushions, and chairs in a way that is best for viewing. 

  • Place it Near Electrical Outlets. 

Some people may not bother to take electrical outlets into consideration. Especially if you are living in a rented apartment or condo, the electrical outlets are minimal.

Near Electrical Outlets

Placing your television near an electrical outlet will put you at ease to power your television and allow you to connect other devices such as home theater, gaming console, etc. 

Unfortunately, if you have no electrical outlet where the TV can be placed, the only solution is to get a long wire extension to power up your television. 

  • Corners are Ideal for Television

Corners in the house are ideal for placing your television.

It feels like a dedicated space for television that allows you to watch your favorite shows without struggling or having difficulty.

Corners are Ideal for Television

But before you get excited about placing your TV in a  corner, make sure to adjust the height of the television to equal the seating area.

Or mount it in a position that is directly in front of a seating area to avoid hurting your eyes and straining your neck.

Summing Up

Now that you know how to place your TV ideally, what are the consequences of placing a TV in front of a window.

When changing your home, inspect the living area where you need to place your television. However, it should not outweigh other factors when renting a home.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best place to put the TV in the living room with windows is either in the corner of the room or adjacent to a window. Ensure the light is not disturbing the view when placing your television.

Yes, you can put a TV in the middle of the room. But make sure that the window is not on the opposite side of the television.

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