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Bitcasa Drive

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Bitcasa keeps all of your files secure by applying client-side, AES-256 block-level encryption before they are even uploaded to your Personal Drive. Only you have access to your content. Not even Bitcasa employees can access or determine what files are in any given user’s account.Sign Up

Automatically back up your files to Bitcasa Personal Drive regardless of the device you are using. You can even mirror files from multiple devices to ensure that every file is safely backed up in the cloud instead of saving duplicate versions that take up valuable space on your devices.Sign Up

Bitcasa Drive not only provides safe and secure storage, it also allows you to access your personal music, photos, videos and documents from any device – regardless of the original file format or OS. Store once then view or stream your content from anywhere. No additional software required.Sign Up

Bitcasa Drive allows you to quickly and easily share any file stored in your account, regardless of type or size, using secure send links that can be sent over email or shared across social networks. By offering password-protected access, we help ensure your files never end up in the wrong hands.Sign Up


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Easily store and backup all your digital belongings with the Bitcasa Drive for Windows, Mac and Linux. A safe and secure
space for all your photos, videos, music, and documents.

Bitcasa for Windows


Bitcasa for Linux(beta)

The Bitcasa Secure Storage headless client for Linux is currently available in Beta

We currently support the following Linux Distributions:

  1. Add our repo
  2. Add our key
  3. Install
  4. Enjoy

Get help with your personal Bitcasa Drive account.

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