How to Reset Vizio TV with & without Remote?

Here is how to reset Vizio TV:

  • Press the “Menu” button on your remote.
  • Select “System” from the menu on the screen.
  • Select the “Reset & Admin” option.
  • Finally, select the “Reset to Factory Settings” option.

The word affordability and value for money are synonymous with Vizio televisions.

A large variety of Vizion TV series is sitting for the customers who want to experience top-notch video quality, crystal clear sound, and many latest features.

Vizio’s smart TV platform SmartCast had over 17 million active accounts as of the end of 2022.


If you’re having any performance issues, you can reset Vizio TV to have it fixed.

Not everyone can afford brands like LG, Samsung, and Toshiba. Plus, several other factors are key in deciding what television you need.

One of them is to decide what television dimensions suit your room.

If your room is too big, you can choose 70-inch TV or higher to get a better viewing experience and clarity. 

However, if you want a television for a medium-sized room that could offer a better panoramic view while watching Netflix series or playing games, 50-inch TV is recommended. 

How to Reset Vizio TV with and without Remote?

You can find various TV sizes and dimensions for Vizio TV.

Choose according to your room specifications, your budget, and your preferences.

If you have already purchased one and used it for a while, you may notice some lags or a problem you cannot solve. 

Just by resetting your Vizio TV, you can bring back Vizio’s performance just like you unboxed it for the first time.

Before we discuss how to reset Vizio TV, let’s find out the reasons for resetting Vizio TV.

Why Reset Vizio TV?

Television is just like any other machine or electronic device that can malfunction.

Either it could be due to a software glitch or malfunctioning of a part in the television.

The latter could only be fixed by a technical person who can disassemble, replace, and assemble a television back to its original. 

Vizio TV

However, any software glitches or errors could be fixed by factory resetting Vizio TV or changing the settings.

Another reason for resetting Vizio TV is when you are going to sell it to show the best performance to the buyer.

How to Reset Vizio TV?

If you are facing any glitches in your Vizio TV, you may be searching for answers to how to reset your Vizio TV.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to resetting your Vizio TV.

Remember that there could be a difference in settings due to differences in the model. 

Reset Vizio TV with Remote

  • Method 1
  • Access the “Menu” of your Vizio TV from the remote.
Access the menu
  • Go to “Admin and Privacy“.
go to admin & privacy
  • From the options, find “Reset to Factory Settings”.
find Reset to Factory Settings
  • Press “Ok” to reset Vizio TV.
press ok to reset
  • Make sure not to turn off your television during the process.
  • Method 2

Due to the difference in the model, you may not find the settings mentioned in Method 1.

Instead, you will find different settings and menu options on Vizio TV.

Here’s how to reset Vizio TV in some models. 

  1. Go to the “Menu” of your Vizio TV from the remote.
  2. Select “System” and then select “Admin and Privacy”.
  3. Scroll down and find “Reset to Factory Settings”.
  4. Wait for a few minutes until your Vizio TV completes the resetting process.
Infographic of How to Reset Vizio TV

Vizio VIA and VIA+ are the older models. Check out the instructions below if you want to reset Vizio Via and Via Plus TV.

How to Reset Vizio VIA TV?

  1. From the remote, press the “Menu” button.
  2. Based on your model, go to Help then Clear Memory, Or Go to Help and select “Reset and Admin”
  3. Press the “Ok” button and select “Clear Memory“.
  4. On your remote, press the up and down buttons to navigate to “Clear Memory/Factory Defaults“: Or “Reset TV to Factory Defaults” and press the Ok button.
  5. You will be redirected to the parental control pin. Enter 0000 if you have never changed it, and press “Ok”.
  6. Now keep your remote aside to avoid touching the power button. From now on, your television will turn on and off several times before resetting it to factory defaults.

How to Reset Vizio VIA+ TV?

Here’s how to reset Vizio Via Plus TV:

reset Vizio Via Plus TV
  1. From your remote, press “Menu”.
  2. A screen will appear where you need to find “Reset & Admin”.
  3. Select “Reset TV to Factory Defaults” using the arrow buttons.
  4. Press “Ok” and enter the parental pin code (0000 by default).
  5. Press “Ok” on the remote.

Do not turn off the television while the resetting is in process. YOU DON’T NEED TO WORRY ABOUT your TV screen will restart multiple times.

How to Reset Vizio TV without Remote?

You may have lost your remote, or your remote is not functioning properly. Don’t worry; you can do a Vizio TV factory reset without a remote.

Stay tuned as we will discuss two methods to do Vizio TV Factory Reset without a Remote. 

  • Method 1
Press power button located on the back
  • After turning on the TV, press and hold the Volume Down and Input Button on the back of the TV simultaneously for approximately 15 seconds. 
press and hold the Volume Down and Input Button
  • A notification will appear asking you whether you want to reset your Vizio TV. 
  • Press the input button again to confirm
Press the input button again to confirm

How easy it is to factor reset Vizio TV without a remote. The data will be erased, and your Vizio television will restart. 

If you are facing any problems or your buttons are not working, don’t worry. You can attach a keyboard or a mouse to reset it without any hassle. 

  • Method 2

If your Vizio television comes without any buttons on the back, you can still reset your Vizio TV without a remote.

You can connect Vizio TV to Wifi and control it through a mobile app.

Here’s how to factory reset Vizio TV without a remote

  • Install VizioMobile App from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes. 
  • Once the app is installed, sign in to your VizioMobile App by entering your User Name and Password.
  • Search Nearby Devices and choose your television.
  • After selecting your TV, a number code will appear on your television.
  • Enter the number in the SmartCast app.
  • The app is now synchronized with your television and can be used as a remote control.
  • Go to “Settings” and select “System“.
  • Choose “Reset and Admin” and then choose “Reset TV to factory defaults“.
  • Enter the pin 0000 if it asks for a pin.
  • The Vizio television will restart, and your data will be deleted.

The Vizio TV has now been reset without any remote. Wasn’t that easy?

How to Do Vizio Factory Reset Black Screen?

If you are experiencing Vizio black screen commonly termed as death screen, you can also try fixing it.

But before that, it is important to know why the television screen suddenly goes black. 

Vizio Factory Reset Black Screen

The Vizio television comprises one or more than one power supply board along with a T-Con board.

It may seem a bit complex to fix, but we bet you it is not as difficult as it seems to be. Make sure to try fixing the issue on your end before purchasing new parts. 

There are several reasons behind your television acting like that.

You can filter out the problems and try one by one to fix and repair the problems.

Here are a few of the tests you can perform. 

  • Sound Testing 

You must turn on your television and listen to the sound to perform the sound test.

If you cannot hear any sound, you need to do something that will somehow produce noise. Make sure the volume is turned up. 

  • Using Flashlight Testing 

At times you may hear sound but no image. The reason is that the parts responsible for producing light for television are either damaged or need some small fixes.

Using the flashlight test, you can find out the real issue. For this, you need to;

  • Get a flashlight with bright light with new batteries. 
  • Move two inches away from the television screen and put the light on the television.
  • If the image becomes visible, unluckily, the inverter board of the television has gone bad. 
  • Connections are Tight

Sometimes a loose connection could also be a cause of problems. Determine whether everything is working correctly and if no loose connections exist.

After verifying, do a hard reset of your television. Here’s how to do it. 

  • Turn off your TV and disconnect it from the power socket
  • Press the TV power button for half a minute
  • Now release the button and plug the television back

How to Troubleshoot Vizio TV Black Screen of Death?

Now that you have performed the above tests to know what the problem is.

Let’s find out how to fix Vizio TV Black Screen of Death.

  • By Replacing the Power Board

We know you don’t have any knowledge about circuits and electronics.

But the method we discuss will be easy to perform even if you have little experience. 

You need a soft towel or cloth to protect the TV screen, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a box to put all the screws in. 

  • Gently lay the TV face down and remove the screws with a Phillip head screwdriver. 
  • Check the fuses on the TV. If any fuse has turned black, it must be replaced. 
  • Find all the wires that are connected to the power board. Gently detach them
  • With the help of a screwdriver, remove the screws that are holding the power board. 
  • Remove the old board and replace it with a new one. Make sure to place it gently and carefully and screw it again as the old board was. 
  • Connect all the wires back and replace the rear cover of the TV
  • Power on your television and test whether it has fixed the issue or not

If you find any parts needing to be replaced and are unsure you can’t handle them, take it to the technical person.

However, if the Vizio warranty is still valid, you must contact customer support to help claim the warranty.

Summing Up

In this post, we have discussed why Vizio TV needs a factory reset. Also, you learned the steps to reset Vizio TV with and without a remote.

Briefly, we have also explained how to troubleshoot the Vizio TV Black Screen of Death.

Frequently Asked Questions

Resetting a Vizio TV will bring back its settings and remove any customized settings.

For instance, after purchasing the TV, it will uninstall all your installed apps. Moreover, it will also remove all the settings that come out of the box.

 Vizio TV Factory reset without a remote can be done through the SmartCast app available for iOS and Android devices.

Moreover, a Vizio TV factory reset without a remote can also be performed by connecting the keyboard or mouse via Bluetooth or USB port.

If you want to control Vizio TV without a remote or WiFi, you can install the SmartCast app on your device. Your smartphone will now act like a remote to control Vizio TV.

By default, your Vizio Pin Code is 0000. However, you can also find the Vizio Pin Code on top of the television screen.

SmartCast app for Android allows you to control your television by changing channels, turning the volume up and down, customizing settings, and much more. The Smartcast app for Android also helps you factory reset your Vizio TV.

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