How To Make A Game Pass On Roblox And Earn Money?

In the world of Roblox today, having a Game Pass is almost essential for a truly immersive experience. With this special pass, you can make your game more exciting.

How to make a game pass in Roblox

This way you can attract users to spend their Robux on exclusive benefits like restricted areas, cool avatar items, and powerful upgrades that last forever.

It’s like discovering a secret club for popular kids, where you have VIP access, trendy outfits, and superhuman abilities. 

So, if you want to receive a large amount of Robux through the “Pls Donate” section from the long line of Robloxians, the answer is to create a Game Pass.

It’s the secret ingredient that makes your game a delightful treat for Roblox fans all around the world.

Just jump straight to our step-by-step guide on how to make a Game Pass on Roblox or read what is Gamepass in Roblox and its purpose to discover what’s the hype about! 

What is Game Pass in Roblox?

If you’re a noob in the world of Roblox–take game passes as a golden ticket to unlock special goodies and exclusive access within a game.

Whether it’s a fancy in-game item, a power-up that makes you feel invincible, or exclusive content, game passes have got you covered.

And the best part? You can get your hands on them using Robux, the virtual currency used in Roblox. Or you can earn Robux by making game passes with this guide! 

There are different types of Game Passes in Roblox, VIP Passes, Cosmetic passes, Power-ups passes, and Access Passes.

With VIP Passes you get special privileges like exclusive areas, receiving generous in-game currency bonuses, or even skyrocketing your progression speed. 

And Cosmetic Passes are for people who love making fashion statements by using skins and accessory combinations.

With Power-up Passes your avatar will be able to zoom around with lightning speed or shrug off damage with ease. It’s like having a cheat code without guilt!

Lastly, Access passes grant you entry to restricted areas, unlock mind-boggling levels, or unveil premium content.

Making Gamepass on Roblox

Creating a Game Pass on Roblox was easy but due to new updates, players have been confused. Before we get into the guide, your first step is to find a Picture and idea for your Game Pass.

Get an idea that’ll attract users or add benefits that’ll enhance your friend group’s gaming experience. For example, Fast Travel Pass, Advanced Tools Pack, Mini-Game Expansion Pack, Mini-Game Expansion Pack, etc.

Just check the above types of Game passes in Roblox to get an idea.  Then, find an image that goes well with the game pass.

Roblox supports a template of 512×512 pixels and either .jpg, .png, or .bmp format. Remember this while the downloading picture for your game passes on Roblox.

After that, follow the under-mentioned guide for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. 

Step 1: Creating a Game Pass in Roblox “Create” Studio

1. Open your Roblox account by going to the official website in your browser.

2. You will see “Create” on the Roblox homepage at the top. Click on it.

Create button on Roblox's homepage

3. Under “Experiences,” you should see “your username’s place.” This is automatically generated by Roblox. Click on it. 

Experience section

4. On the left side, you’ll get an “Overview” section. 

5. Go straight to “Passes” (if it’s not there, go to the “Associated Item” option, and it will be visible).

6. Click on “Create Pass.”

Click on create a pass

7. Choose the image you downloaded earlier and give the Game Pass a name.

8. Also, add a description for the Game Pass. For example, if the pass is for Fast Travel, describe it as “Unlock fast travel points or vehicles to move around the game world quickly.”

Save game pass details

9. Click “Save” and then “Preview” to finalize the upload of the Game Pass.  

Note! On a PC or Desktop, you can follow this guide without any worries. However for Mobile devices here’s an additional step:

On Mac and iOS

On Mac or iOS devices, as you go to the “Create” section in the second step mentioned in the above guide.

You need to click on the “Aa” option on top. Choose the “Desktop site request” and follow the guide consistently as given above. 

On Android Mobile

Similarly, on Android devices, you need to click on three dots which are present on the top right of your browser. Then, tap on “Desktop site” to view it on a bigger screen version.

Then, simply, follow the steps given above to create a game pass on Roblox on mobile.

Step 2: Setting a Price for Your Game Pass

  1. To monetize your Game Pass, click on the three dots on the Game Pass.
  2. Select the “Configure” option or choose “Open in new tab.”
  3. The Configure page will open.
  4. Go to “Sales” and enable the “Item for Sale” option.
  5. Set the price in Robux as desired.
  6. Click “Save” and proceed to the next step.
  7. You can change the price later by accessing the “Configure” page.
Setting price for your game pass

Step 3: Gamepass feature addition with Roblox Studio

  1. Open Roblox Studio.
  2. Open the game project you want to work on.
  3. Create a new script in Roblox Studio.
  4. Use the “MarketplaceService” and “UserOwnsGamePassAsync()” functions inside the script to check if the player owns the Game Pass.
  5. Write a statement that checks if the player owns the Game Pass. You can use an “if” statement for this purpose.
  6. Inside the statement, use scripting to include the benefits or features that come with the Game Pass. This can involve giving special abilities, unlocking exclusive items, or providing extra advantages in the game.
  7. Save the script.

Step 4: Publishing the Game Pass

  1. To test the Game Pass, go to the “Publish to Roblox” option.
  2. Ask a friend to purchase the Game Pass and try it out in an actual game. Alternatively, you can use an alternative account if you don’t have friends available.
  3. Make sure that the implemented features function as intended. If any problems are discovered, fix the script and make necessary adjustments.
  4. Once you see that the perks of the pass are working well, congratulations! You have successfully created a Game Pass on Roblox.

Purpose of Gamepass in Roblox

Why would a developer bother creating game passes, you ask? Well, let us fill you in on some juicy details.

Also, if you want to develop Game passes in the future you can use the purpose for your gain:

  • Monetization: 

Game passes are like a golden goose for developers. They turn the hard work of developing exclusive content into Robux.

Keep a record of your sales and revenue to evaluate the success of your game pass and make adjustments as needed. Experiment with different price points, discounts, or limited-time offers to gauge profit.

  • Community Building: 

When you grab a game pass, you’re not just purchasing an item; you’re joining a special club. Players who share a common interest in a game often gravitate toward the game passes available.

It’s like finding your secret society, except with more fun and fewer secret handshakes.

To promote your game pass, use the power of social media platforms so it reaches your target audience. Roblox provides various advertising options within the platform itself.

Consider investing in Roblox Ads or sponsoring events or even game pages. The latest news about Roblox is that Is Roblox Shutting down in 2023 or 2025.

  • Customization and Personalization: 

We all love a touch of personal flair, don’t we? Game passes are the ultimate key to unlocking the doors of customization and personalization.

By snagging a game pass, you gain access to exclusive items or abilities that set you apart from the masses.

It’s like waving a magic wand and transforming your in-game experience into something uniquely yours.

Also, stay up to date with what users need to develop game passes that are sure to be popular.

Infographic of Purpose of Gamepass in Roblox

Final Words

By making a Game Pass on Roblox, you can level up as a player in both Roblox and the real world. Other players will get benefits and your Robux budget will increase which is a good way to get money.

Make sure you create a game pass that is needed by users of Roblox so it can be a hit. Based on our experience, the best part about game passes is that we can have hours of Roblox fun without worrying about budget!


Yes, you can. Just turn off the “Item for sale” option on the settings of the Game pass. And the game pass will become free.

Yes, you can create multiple game passes for the same game.

To implement the Gamepass feature in your Roblox game, utilize Lua scripting within Roblox Studio. Use the “MarketplaceServiceUserOwnsGamePassAsync()” function to verify if a player owns the Game Pass. Or, you can access the script on the Roblox passes site for assigning pass privileges.

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