How Big is 32-Inch TV? 32-Inch TV Dimensions

A 32-Inch TV is approximately 29 inches wide with a height of 17 inches, which is almost 75 centimeters in width and 45 centimeters in height.

Even in the 21 century, televisions can still be seen in homes, public places, retailers, and offices.

It is still viable and used for watching movies, favorite channels, and sitcoms.

China is the biggest producer of TV sets and has produced over 400 million TVs.


With the impact of the technological revolution, televisions have seen a major transformation in terms of size, picture quality, sound clarity, and other useful innovations.

Some prefer big TVs like 70-inches TVs whereas others prefer smaller ones like 32-inch TVs.

Be it for streaming, gaming, or watching cable channels; one thing is for sure, you can’t completely eliminate television from homes.

How Big is 32 Inch TV?

Changing and replacing it with a new one is also exciting yet challenging. 

Sometimes you want to replace the traditional one with a smart one to watch free channels on PhotoCall TV.

While sometimes you may feel that a 50-inch TV is not suitable for the space, why not try something bigger and wider? 

No matter what purpose you will change or replace it with a new one, you always have to consider the size of the screen and its dimension.

Living rooms are bigger than other rooms. If you are considering a television for a living room, you may consider a television with at least a 50-inch screen size

But for a small-sized bedroom, you should not waste your money on buying a television as large as 70 inches or higher.

Most commonly, people who want to place the television in their room normally prefer 32-inch television. 

If you are unfamiliar with how big a 32-inch TV is and whether the 32-inch TV is big enough for a bedroom or not.

We will find the answer in this post. So without further ado, let’s get started.

32-Inch TV Size Overview

Regarding TV sizes, brands usually market their televisions based on screen sizes.

But if you are wondering how big is a 32-inch TV, then you may be shocked to know that actually, 32 inch TV is not precisely 32 inches. 

It isn’t a gimmick or any misleading information conveyed to customers by the brands.

The reality is TV size is measured differently from any other rectangular or square item.

For instance, the screen size of a television is measured diagonally from the upper left corner to the lower right corner.

Now it does not matter whether you are buying a 32-inch television or a 70-inch television; the screen size is measured similarly.

32-Inch TV Dimensions

The width and height of any television with a 32-inch screen can be derived easily. You can either use trigonometry or algebra to find the right size.

To take accurate measurements, you need to measure the length of the screen diagonally. 

Dimensions of 32 Inch TV

Another important factor to remember when taking measurements of a 32-inch TV is its aspect ratio.

For instance, a widescreen television normally has an aspect ratio of 16:9. 

But if you hated math in your school days, you don’t have to hire a math teacher to do the work. You can use online tools to measure the size of a television. 

Here’s an approximate calculation of the 32-inch TV dimensions for the LG brand

Dimensions of 32-Inch TV in Inches

32 inch3 inch29 inch17 inch

Dimensions of 32-Inch TV in Centimeters

81.28 cm7.62 cm75 cm45 cm

You might have some idea about how big is 32 inch TV and what are the dimensions of a 32-inch TV.

However, if you ask, Is 32-inch tv big enough for a bedroom depends on many factors.

Let’s find out important things to consider when buying a television for your bedroom.

Tips for Placing a Television in Bedroom

If you visit any electronics store, you will find a wide range of televisions from smart to traditional and small-sized to large screens.

At first instance, you may find yourself immersed in vivid color, realistic images, and a handy remote. 

But do you know that not every television is made for a bedroom?

If you think of buying a large-screen television just because you want to experience a theater-like feeling, you may regret it later. 

You may also be looking to place the TV in front of a window, but it is not recommended.

So, what are the factors to consider when placing a television in your bedroom? Let’s find out in this section. 

  • Screen Size of TV 

As we have mentioned earlier, a television’s size is measured diagonally from top to bottom. You will find the same measurement if you measure 32 inch TV screen.

But when it comes to the dimensions of 32 inch TV, it is different from the screen size. 

Screen Size of TV

If you want to buy a television for a standard-size bedroom i.e. 10x10x10, the right size of the television is 40 to 55 inches.

However, if you have a bedroom less than 10x10x10, you can buy 32 inch TV.

Master bedrooms on the other hand can accommodate TV sizes ranging from 70 to 85 inches

  • TV Screen Resolution

Screen resolution is another factor to consider when buying a television for your bedroom.

TV resolution is normally associated with pixels. Higher TV resolution allows you to watch television closely without noticing pixels.

Nowadays, 4k resolution TVs are quite popular and make it easy for your eyes to watch for hours. 

Screen Resolution

Contrarily, if you sit close to a television with a 1080p resolution, it will strain your eyes. Moreover, the pixels become more prominent.

Therefore, watching 1080p screen resolution from a distance is recommended to view better. 

Make sure to consider screen resolution before you buy a television for your bedroom. A small bedroom does not need a big screen of 70 inches or above.

You can ask the salesman to recommend you the best TV size based on the measurement of your bedroom. 

  • Size of the TV Stand 

You also need to consider the size of the TV stand before purchasing a television for your bedroom.

Either you can go for a TV stand or mount it on the wall. However, the distance should be such that it should not blur the picture or strain your eyes. 

Size of the TV Stand

If you want to place your television on a shelf or desk, don’t forget to consider the size of the stand.

Normally, the legs of the stand are equivalent to the television. However, when it comes to width, they are much wider.

If the stand is lean, the legs will not adjust correctly. 

  • Position of Television 

The position of your television is also an important factor when placing the TV in a bedroom.

For instance, place the stand in the viewer’s position if you wish to use it.

Position of Television

You can also mount your television on a wall to increase the viewing angle.

But if you place the TV high enough, you may struggle to turn ON the TV if you lose the remote.

Mounting your television on the wall can help you free up some space and look more organized. 

  • Find out the viewing distance

Viewing distances should be measured from the place you want to install to the distance from your bed.

Regarding 1080p resolution TV, the viewing position should be maintained at least 2 times the screen size

viewing distance

For example, if the screen size of the TV s 32 inches with a resolution of 32 inches, the distance should be 64 inches.

It will help you view and watch television with comfort without any difficulty.

Infographic of Tips for Placing a Television in Bed room

How to Buy the Best TV for Bedroom: A Buying Guide

Before buying a television, we assume you have done all the work from measuring the viewing distance to the size of your room and best placement.

You are now ready to go to the electronics store and buy the latest television for your bedroom. 

This section will help you buy the best TV for your bedroom, whether 32 inches, 70 inches, or larger. Without waiting further, let’s dive in. 

  • Price Range and Your Budget 

Whenever you want to buy electronics or appliances like a television, laptop, smartphone, or refrigerator, you have some budget in mind.

Obviously, you must have developed a rough idea about how much you saved and the break-even point. 

Price Range and Your Budget

So before you search and compare the brands and televisions, make sure to allocate a budget.

Once you have finalized what you will spend, visit different online stores and explore televisions from various brands.

You can even filter out the options according to your preferences.

For instance, if you want a smart OLED TV with 32-inch screen size, you can filter it from the options right above the products or on the left side.

Now look at what’s being offered by different brands. 

  • Stay Away from Big Brands

Big brands like Samsung, Toshiba, and LG are worth investing in whether you want to buy a television or any other appliance.

But these brands are known for charging much more than the rest of the competitors.

Stay Away from Big Brands

If you are low on budget, you can look for brands like Xiaomi, Hisense, and TCL.

In the mid to high range, you can find premium features that would otherwise cost you a fortune if you go for brands like Samsung, LG, or Toshiba. 

  • Add-on Options 

Televisions are not only used to watch cable channels like you used to do in the 80s and 90s.

Technological advancement has upgraded televisions and allows users to do more out of them. For instance, you can add a projector and enjoy your favorite blockbuster movie on a big screen. 

Similarly, if you and your family want to look at family pictures captured during your son’s first birthday, you can attach a USB loaded with pictures.

Ensure your television contains all those add-on options to allow more functionalities. Don’t forget to see Bluetooth and WiFi options as well. 

  • LED or OLED 

The next big thing to look for when buying a 32-inch or any other television is the type of screen. OLED is the latest development and offers a clear picture, vivid details, and a top-notch experience.

So if you want to enjoy competitive gaming on weekends or a blockbuster movie, go for OLED. 


But if the budget goes out of control, even LED will offer you picture clarity and vivid display. It all depends on your preferences.

However, if you are buying online, make sure to first visit a retailer nearby your area for an overview of what you are about to buy. 

  • Choose Your Resolution

You must consider the resolution when you are on a spree to buy a new television for your bedroom.

You can either go for 1080p, 4K, or 8K resolution. 8K resolution is way too expensive, so if you are not ready to invest that much, you can choose 4k or 1080p. 


However, we recommend you go for a 4k resolution as it will pay you off in the future.

Especially if you are a die-hard and hardcore Netflix streamer, you will never regret investing a bit more money. 

  • Go for a Smart TV

Although it is difficult to find anything other than smart TV, make sure to choose a smart TV, even if there are options to go for a traditional one with a much lower price.

The reason is that smart TV allows you to save money in the future by cutting the cord and switching to streaming services. 

Smart TV

You may pay hundreds of dollars if you subscribe to cable TV services from providers like Spectrum. 

But cutting the cord will allow you to watch your favorite shows and movies without paying a hefty amount.

Subscribe anytime and cancel anytime without any equipment rentals or hidden charges. 

  • Warranty Offered 

No matter what electronics you are going to purchase, a warranty is an important thing to look for.

It does not matter whether you are buying from Samsung or TCL; faulty hardware or glitched software could cost hundreds of dollars if not thousands. 

If you want to save yourself from an extra penalty, make sure to look at how much warranty is being offered.

Some may offer for a year, while most of them could extend it to 2 years or more.

But don’t forget to read the terms and conditions carefully stated on the warranty card.

Summing Up

In this post, you learned about how big is a 32-inch TV, is 32-inch TV big enough for a bedroom, and what are the dimensions of a 32-inch TV.

We also briefly discussed tips for placing a television in a bedroom. And a comprehensive guide on how to buy the best TV for the bedroom.

Hope this post will help you decide the right size of TV for your bedroom and the appropriate place to view pictures without straining your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

A 32-inch TV is a good size for those living in a small space or who want to place it in a bedroom. A big screen size would occupy more space and strain your eyes in a small space.

The 32-inch TV in centimeters is approximately 75 cm wide and 81.28 cm diagonally.

If you want to place a 32-inch TV in a big living room, you may be unable to view pictures as clearly as you can with a bigger screen.

However, sitting right in front of the television will help you view it better. The 32-inch TV is best for small bedrooms and spaces.

Yes, a 32-inch TV is big enough for the bedroom if the size of your room is small and space is limited.

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