Keep and Share Everything

Bitcasa helps you store, share and get the most out of your digital belongings -- your music, photos, videos, documents and files -- simply and easily. Sharing your stuff with anyone -- even non-Bitcasa users -- is easy and instant.

Complete Privacy

Unlike many storage solutions, the Bitcasa Platform keeps your digital belongings safe and secure by encrypting all your files before they’re uploaded -- you, and only you, have access to your stuff. Not even Bitcasa employees can see your files!

Access Everywhere

Access your music, photos, movies, videos, documents and files from anywhere. Store once, and read anywhere. Everything in your Bitcasa Drive is available to all of your devices, and you can even access your files offline. Unlike other services, Bitcasa allows you to view or stream any type of file to any device – with no additional software required.

Never Run Out of Space

The Bitcasa Platform works just like a normal hard drive, except it will never run out of space! Simply drag and drop files to your Bitcasa Drive, and you’ll never again have to worry about running out of space on your computer and mobile devices. Unlike other services, Bitcasa frees up space rather than wasting valuable space by duplicating your data to all your devices.

Worry-Free Backup

Never lose your data again. By backing up all of your devices to Bitcasa, your digital belongings are now protected in case of theft, loss or damage -- you never have to think about backing up again! Bitcasa is easy, automatic and dependable, and you can even go back in time and recover old versions of files.

How It Works

The Bitcasa Platform uses patent-pending technology to offer the most private and accessible cloud storage. Every time a file is uploaded, Bitcasa’s proprietary block-level encryption secures files before they are transferred to our servers. Once in Bitcasa, at least three fully encrypted copies are stored safely. Files can then be accessed from any device -- real-time transcoding resolves any cross-platform issues -- or can be shared seamlessly via email and social network integration. Bitcasa uses smart caching technology to make files feel just like they are locally stored, and “Favorite” files are stored locally for seamless offline access.

Why We’re Different

The Bitcasa Platform is a different kind of cloud. With Bitcasa:

Your data is yours alone.

Your files are encrypted before they leave your computer, meaning only you can see the contents.

Store once, access anywhere.

Have a movie you want to watch, but can’t find the right movie player? Bitcasa can play it, including on your mobile phone.

Bitcasa never runs out of space.

Rather than just “syncing” your files between computers, Bitcasa is like an external hard drive that you can access anywhere.

The Bitcasa Platform provides effortless auto-backup.

Just right-click and “Mirror” any folder on your computer for real-time, automatic backup to Bitcasa.

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