DirecTV Stream Vs YouTube TV Comparison

In the digital age, we are blessed to have plenty of entertainment options available at our disposal.

Be it watching news and weather updates on cable, streaming YouTube for funny cat videos, or binge-watching favorite TV series on Netflix, the internet has made it possible. 

Thanks to the latest developments in the internet that have taken place over the years. 

As of the first quarter of 2023, the number of Direct TV video subscribers was around 12.75 million in the United States.


In recent times, people are cutting the cord and shifting to streaming services. It’s not an easy decision to shift oneself from cable to streaming at once.

But the fact is the rising bills, hidden costs, equipment charges, and contractual obligations have led to cord-cutting and opting for streaming. 

Some popular streaming platforms include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Philo, Sling, Hulu, Disney+, FuboTV, and many others.

DirecTV Stream Vs YouTube TV Review

Two of the most popular ones that we have not mentioned are YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream. 

Contrary to typical streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube TV, and DirecTV Stream has a major difference.

They both offer live TV streaming and offer basic cable channels that are mostly demanded by sports and news lovers. 

In addition, YouTube TV and DirecTV stream are offering some other channels that keep engaged and entertained during free time.

Whether it be watching a Hollywood classic or a favorite sitcom, you can tune into any of the above streaming platforms and spend quality time by watching quality programming. 

If you are also one of those who don’t want to let go of cable channels but still want to save from extra costs, equipment charges, and contractual obligations, can choose any of them.

But the question is what’s the difference between the two streaming platforms? 

Before we dive straight into comparison, if you are looking for a free option, you can surely look into PhotoCall TV which allows free streaming. Sometimes you may not be able to pay that much amount, but that’s okay.

Just like YouTube TV and DirecTV, there is another service too which is PhotoCall TV. You can also check and add it to your comparison.

Now let’s compare YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream side by side to analyze features, channel lineup, and pricing. Here’s all you need to know.

DirecTV Stream vs YouTube TV: Overview

  • DirectTV Stream Overview 

DirecTV Stream is one of the popular streaming platforms that allow you to watch live TV.

Compared to traditional cable TV services, DirecTV Stream is not what you are thinking of. It is still more expensive than traditional cable services.

But that’s okay if you want more freedom that comes with streaming platforms compared to cable TV services.  

DirecTV Stream Vs YouTube TV Review

However, the fact is that the DirecTV Stream channel lineup is something that entices sports fanatics.

Those who are interested in watching regional sports will undoubtedly find DirecTV Stream to be the best option.

The streaming platform offers a huge channel lineup of up to 75 channels in addition to its entertainment package. 

  • YouTube TV Overview 

YouTube TV as the name suggests is a service powered by YouTube.

In fact, we consider it one of the best live-streaming platforms in 2023 due to its huge channel lineup including sports, weather, news, and 85 other genres. 

In addition, you can also access on-demand content including YouTube Original, movies, and TV shows.

On-demand content is free of charge, but if you want more sports channels, premium channels like HBO, or Spanish language content, you have to pay more. 

YouTube TV Overview

Similar to DirecTV Stream, YouTube TV does not allow you to save more, if you are thinking of cutting the cable services just for saving.

But that is still an ideal option if you want to save yourself from early termination fees, hidden charges, and equipment rentals.

Plus, you can enjoy the freedom of watching your favorite on-demand content and live channels on the go.

YouTube TV vs DirecTV Stream: Plans and Pricing

  • DirectTV Plans and Pricing 

When it comes to choosing streaming platforms, you have to look deeply into what’s being offered for what price.

Considering the fact that you are choosing a streaming platform over a cable TV service, you may have researched different platforms to know the price. 

Upon inspecting the pricing and plans, DirecTV stream is the most expensive one when it comes to live streaming platforms. 

DirectTV Plans and Pricing

The basic tier of the live-streaming platform starts from $69.99 per month, offering as many as 75 channels.

However, to get access to regional sports channels like SportsNet and NBC, you have to opt for higher subscriptions. 

DirecTV Stream also brings unlimited DVR storage for its subscribers to allow recording of the live telecast and watching later.

From time to time, the streaming platform might offer discounts to existing and new customers.

Before getting started, you can also try DirecTV Stream for five days without any charges.

DirecTV Stream Other Plans and Pricing

Apart from offering basic packages, DirecTV also offers premium packages for its subscribers. Here’s an overview of some of the plans and pricing of the DirecTV stream. 

Features Choice Ultimate Premier
Cost Per Month$89.99 per month$104.99 per month$149.99 per month
Regional Sports Network
Unlimited Cloud DVR
Unlimited Devices
  • YouTube TV Plans and Pricing

The basic plan of YouTube TV starts at $64.99 per month for the first three months, with access to more than 85 channels including CW, MTV, ABC, Food Network, and Comedy Central.

Apart from offering basic cable channels, YouTube TV is quite popular among sports lovers who can watch MLB Networks, NFL, and NBA. 

YouTube TV allows streaming on 3 screens simultaneously, but 6 six accounts under one plan.

In addition, the unlimited cloud DVR storage gives freedom to subscribers to record and watch their favorite shows in their free time. 

If that is not enough to satisfy your entertainment cravings, YouTube TV brings a plethora of add-ons to bring more entertainment and programming options.

YouTube TV Plans and Pricing

For instance, an additional $29.99 extra will give you access to premium channels like HBO Max, STARZ, and SHOWTIME.

Moreover, the Sports Plus package brings you 12 sports channels including NFL RedZone, Fox Soccer Plus, and many more. 

And there is a lot more for Spanish speakers in their local languages including Cine Sony, CNN en Espanol, and Univision. All that for only $14.99 per month.

Spanish natives can also get additional 28 channels for only $34.99 per month for more channels and more entertainment in a language they understand better.

Lastly, YouTube TV also gives access to 4k resolution for only $19.99 per month. 

YouTube TV is a must-try option for all your entertainment needs. If you are worried about whether YouTube TV is the best option or not, you can simply go with a free trial. 

DirecTV Stream vs YouTube TV: Channel Lineup

Channel lineup is an important factor when subscribing to streaming platforms like DirecTV stream or YouTube TV.

In this section, we will not add all the channels being offered by YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream.

However, we will curate some of the most popular channels being watched by the masses in the United States including sports, entertainment, news, weather, and informational.

DirectTV Stream Channel Lineup

National GeographicDisney ChannelCBSComedy Central
Animal Planet BETBYUtvBBC America
ACC NetworkActionMax5StarMax East HDACCU Weather
Hallmark Movies & MysteriesThe History ChannelUniversal KidsMLB Network
Olympic ChannelStarz Encore FamilyFox BusinessThe Weather Channel

YouTube TV Channel Lineup

UnivisionTNTFood NetworkFox
Smithsonian ChannelComedy CentralMSNBCCNN
CBSGame Show NetworkHallmark DramaHallmark Movies and Mysteries
NBC News NowThe Weather ChannelOxygen True CrimeUniversal Kids
MTV ClassicsMagnolia NetworkParamount NetworkThe Great Courses 

DirecTV Stream vs YouTube TV: DVR Storage

As you may not be well aware of DVR cloud recording. This feature allows you to record your favorite channels to watch them later.

DirecTV Stream Vs YouTube TV

For instance, if you are out of home for important work and the live baseball match is on air, you don’t need to miss it all.

Using cloud DVR storage, you can record the whole match and watch it in your free time.

In fact, it is quite helpful for sports fans who don’t want to miss action-packed sporting events. 

  • DirecTV Stream DVR Storage 

If you are going for a DirecTV Stream subscription, you will get only 20 hours of HD recording without bearing any extra cost.

However, for new customers, the luck is on their side as it allows them to record unlimited hours of shows and live action. 

  • YouTube TV DVR Storage 

YouTube TV has taken the lead over DirecTV Stream as it allows unlimited Cloud DVR Storage on all of its plans.

Plus, if you are looking forward to little savings, we would recommend you choose YouTube TV over DirecTV Stream.

DirectTV Stream vs YouTube TV: User Interface

Having a clumsy and messy user interface is a huge turn-off for subscribers.

And if you have not experienced it, some of the paid and free streaming platforms offer a clumsy interface that unsubscribing seems to be the best option.

Even if you are watching it on a 70-inch wide TV, a bad user interface will ruin the overall experience.

Imagine yourself searching for a desired TV show or channel without a search option.

 However, not to worry if you try any of the two streaming platforms. Both are good at providing seamless user interfaces, but YouTube TV is much simpler and better. 

  • DirecTV Stream User Interface 

DirecTV Stream user interface is more like a traditional cable TV navigation. In our opinion, the interface could have been clean and minimalistic, offering ease to the viewer.

In short, the DirecTV Stream has 4 tabs with a wide range of on-demand libraries.

Whenever you play a video, it appears on the screen, and when minimized, the video player does not disappear, if you switch to another tab.

You have to close it manually or enjoy watching your favorite channel in a small box. 

DirecTV Stream User Interface
  • YouTube TV User Interface 

YouTube TV is not just the best in terms of channel lineup and other features, but also its user interface.

The interface is simple, minimalistic, and easy to navigate. Three tabs namely Live, Library, and Home are found on the home page.

The library tab allows you to view recordings and home is where you get recommendations based on your viewing history.

While the Live tab allows you to look at the channel guide and list of programs on the air.

YouTube TV User Interface

Who’s the Best: YouTube TV vs DirecTV Stream

  • Channel Lineup Comparison

This section is important as it will help you decide which one is better and why.

When it comes to Live TV channels, both offer a huge lineup, with a mix of genres including sports, kids, food, news, weather, and family. But comparing side by side, we see that YouTube TV is offering channels with sister networks.

DirecTV Stream Vs YouTube TV_ Channel Lineup

While DirecTV stream brings a whole range of different channels and different networks you can find on any cable package.

If you are a sports fanatic, you have to pay extra for the DirecTV stream, while YoutTube offers a number of sports channels in its basic plan. 

  • Premium Channels Offering 

DirecTV and YouTube TV both offer premium channels such as SHOWTIME, HBO Max, and STARZ. There is not much difference in the prices when you opt for premium channels.

You can check the side-by-side comparison of premium channel prices offered by YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream.

However, the subscribers of DirecTV Stream Choice or Ultimate will get three months of free access to Max. 

Premium ChannelsDirecTV Stream PricesYouTube TV Prices
MGM+$6.00 per month$5.99 per month
Max$14.99 per month$15.99 per month
Starz$11.00 per month$8.99 per month
SHOWTIME$11.00 per month$10.99 per month
CINEMAX$11.00 per month$9.99 per month
  • Features and Add-ons

DirecTV Stream and YouTube TV can be rated side by side due to their current offerings and pricing plans.

With little to negligible differences, the features and add-ons provided by both streaming platforms offer value for money. 

However, compared to DirecTV Stream, YouTube TV is much more affordable and offers a lot of perks whether it be Spanish content, live sports, premier TV, entertainment, and much more.

While DirecTV Stream isn’t bad either, the only downside is that YouTube TV offers more sports channels in its basic plan, while DirecTV Stream allows you to watch only if you pay extra. 

  • Device Compatibility 

Device compatibility of both YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream is the same. For instance, you can stream your favorite shows, and sitcoms, and watch food recipes on your Android and iOS devices.

In addition, you can stream both of these platforms on Android TV, Chromebook, Apple TV, Laptop, and many more.

Infographic of Who’s the Best YouTube TV Vs DirecTV Stream

Final Verdict

Streaming service is viable in today’s online era when everyone wants to enjoy content on the go. 

Without worrying about hidden charges, contractual obligations, equipment rentals, and impossible-to-understand terms and conditions by cable services, streaming service is the top choice. 

However, when it comes to live streaming platforms, they almost charge the same except that you don’t have to worry about hidden charges or any other fees. 

In this post, we have compared two of the most popular live-streaming platforms namely YouTube TV and DirecTV Stream.

From channel lineups to channel offerings, and add-ons to DVR storage, all of them are discussed in detail. 

Both of them are offering free trials to help you test which one is better. If you are a sports fan and want everything in the basic plan, YouTube TV is the best choice.

But if you are looking for more cable channels that include various forms of genres from different networks, DirecTV Stream will not disappoint you. 

In terms of DVR storage, YouTube TV is best for offering unlimited storage. If you have a keen interest in sports and could not waste a key moment without watching, YouTube TV is our recommendation.

Frequently Asked Questions

DirecTV Stream’s basic plan costs $69.99 per month, while YouTube TV costs only $64.99 per month for the first three months.

YouTube TV offers 85+ channels on its basic plan, including CNN, FS1, Univision, Comedy Central, TNT, FOX News, NFL Network, MSNBC, Nickelodeon, and many more.

DirecTV Stream offers 75+ channels on its basic plan, including National Geographic, Animal Planet, BBC America, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, The History Channel, and many more.

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