70-Inch TV Dimensions: How Wide is a 70-inch TV?

70-inch TV dimensions are 61″ x 34″, which means it is 61 inches (154.9cm) wide and has 34.3 inches (87.1cm) height.

Watching television is the best way to kill time and spend quality leisure time.

Even if you have not subscribed to a cable provider, you can still watch your favorite movies, play games, and binge-watch Netflix seasons.

Thanks to the latest technological advancements and the endless world of the Internet. 

Samsung developed its first 70-inch LCD TV panel in 2006.


But there is also a catch: you can’t enjoy watching television if the size is too small, the picture is blurry, the colors are dull, and the sound is distorted.

Especially if you have placed your television in a big room with many people. 

70-Inch TV Dimensions

Nowadays, you have several choices when viewing TV dimensions and screen sizes.

One of them is a 70-inch TV that is widely available from popular brands, including Samsung, LG, and TCL.  

Don’t confuse 70-inch TV dimensions with 70-inch TV screen size. There is a slight difference between these two when it comes to measurement. Let’s take a brief overview.

Difference Between TV Size and TV Dimensions

Screen size is measured diagonally from top to bottom without including the plastic frame.

You only need to measure the area where the picture is displayed when you turn on the television. 

When measuring TV dimensions, let’s assume 70-inch TVs; you must follow the procedure below. 

Contrary to screen size measurement, TV dimensions need to be measured from bottom to top and left edge to right edge, including the bezels and frame.

In addition, you also need to measure the depth of TV dimensions, which includes thickness from front to back, including bulges and protrusions. 

Knowing the difference between TV dimensions and TV screen size is vital. But that is not over because buying a new television is not limited to screen size and dimensions. 

There are many other things to know about besides TV dimensions and screen size.

Moreover, with a wide range of brands and technological integration, you can’t decide what to look for. 

Before we dive straight into what things to consider before buying a TV, it is important to learn about 70-inch TV dimensions and the length of room where it is fit to place.

Where a TV With 70-inch Dimensions Fit Perfectly?

A 70-inch TV is an ideal television for a very large room.

As you will spend a huge share of your savings on buying a television with 70-inch dimensions, make sure to know its measurements in inches and cm. 

Where a TV With 70-inch Dimensions Fit Perfectly

A 70-inch TV has a height of 34.3 inches or 87.1cm or 871mm. At the same time, the width of 70-inch TV dimensions is equal to 61 inches or 154.9cm or 1549mm.

There might be a slight difference regarding 70-inch TV dimensions offered by different manufacturers. 

If you have a room of 2092 square inches, you can blindly buy a television with 70-inch dimensions.

But if you have a smaller room, you may consider a 50-inch TV.

Viewing Distance of 70 Inch TV

So now comes the perfect viewing distance of a 70-inch TV. It all depends on the resolution of your TV.

To avoid strain on your eyes, you must maintain a greater distance if your TV offers a low-resolution picture. 

Viewing Distance of 70 Inch TV

A 70-inch HDTV with a resolution of 1080p can offer a better viewing experience from a distance of 9-14 feet. It is an ideal distance to view a 70-inch TV.

The distance should be at least 1.5 to 2.5 times the width of your screen. 

The optimal viewing distance for 4K ultra HDTV is 6 feet to 9 feet.

Width Chart & Minumum Viewing Distance Table

Size in InchesWidth in InchesMinimum Viewing Distance
32 Inches 27.9 Inches4.0 Feet
40 Inches34.9 Inches5.0 Feet
43 Inches 37.5 Inches6.25 Feet
50 Inches43.6 Inches6.25 Feet
55 Inches47.9 Inches6.75 Feet
60 Inches52.3 Inches7.5 Feet
65 Inches56.7 Inches8.1 Feet
70 Inches61 Inches8.75 Feet
75 Inches65.4 Inches9.4 Feet
80 Inches69.7 Inches10 Feet
85 Inches74.1 Inches10.6 Feet

Where should you mount a 70-inch TV for a better viewing experience?

If you decide to mount a 70-inch TV in a larger room, the perfect height to mount is 72 inches, which can be increased to 75 inches if you want. 

When determining the ideal height for mounting your television, you must consider some factors. 

Knowing the viewing distance lets you mount your 70-inch TV in the right place.

For instance, if you want to have a theater-like experience, it is better to mount the TV at eye level. 

The ideal height for mounting a 70’’ TV is at your eye level while sitting comfortably in the same spot you normally enjoy watching.

Mounting 70 inch TV

With the help of measuring tape, calculate the distance between the ground and your eyes in inches. 

If you want to avoid hurting your neck, installing the television at the middle of eye level is recommended.

Mounting your television at a higher position will give you strains in the neck and back, which may adversely affect your overall health.

Resolutions Available in 70 Inch Televisions

Resolution is the number of pixels that form a display on television. Every individual pixel is lit up with a backlight.

The more pixels on the television, the better the results will be. The reason is that you have a large number of colors and variations.

Resolution is the number of pixels that form a display on television. Every individual pixel is lit up with a backlight.

The more pixels on the television, the better the results will be. The reason is that you have a large number of colors and variations. 

  • 1080p Resolution (1920 x 1080 Pixels)

1080p resolution, also sometimes called Full HD or FHD. Nowadays, many television manufacturers are developing Full HD TV models featuring 2 million pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

1080p Resolution

To make 1080p resolution work properly, you must have the right cable to view full HD pictures. 

  • 4K Resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels)

People usually prefer to watch in 4K resolution for streaming and other content.

Nowadays, the majority of 50-inch televisions contain 4K resolution.

4K Resolution

Samsung and TCL are the most popular and trustworthy 4K resolution television manufacturers. 

  • 8K Resolution (8K UHD)

Recently, 8K resolution has taken the space on shelves with as high as 4x pixels of a 4K TV.

8K Resolution

Although expensive, it is totally worth every penny. 8K resolution provides crisp and clear details, adding more realistic feels, ultra-sharp images, and no blurry effects.

If you are looking for a premium 70-inch premium television, don’t settle for less than an 8K resolution TV.

Best 70-Inch TV Brands

Nowadays, many television brands are emerging and have gained immense popularity among consumers.

Each one of them is trying to improve the quality of images, integrating more features, and offering value for money. Some of the most popular brands include Vizio, LG, Samsung, TCL, and Sony. 

However, one thing you may find in all of these brands is their unique functions and expertise. For instance, Sony is known for producing televisions with exceptional sound quality.

Best 70 Inch TV Brands

The Acoustic Surface Audio+ produces the sound from the television rather than separate speakers. So, if you are more concerned about audio quality in a 70-inch TV brand, you should go for Sony. 

TCL televisions are also in great demand despite being new compared to LG, Samsung, and Sony. The Chinese brand has already captured 10 percent of the global TV market.

So, if you are looking forward to a more affordable option with premium features, smart technology, and value for money, the TCL 70-inch TV will surely prove to be the best investment. 

When it comes to LG televisions, you are going to experience the best picture experience due to OLED panels.

They are not only producing OLED panels for themselves but also for other brands as well.

If you want to settle for the best in terms of picture clarity, brightness, and vividness, LG is a perfect choice for a 70-inch TV.

Types of Televisions You Can Buy

4K Resolution or UHD

With technological advancement, televisions are now available in a wide range of resolutions that offer better pictures, greater clarity, and vivid colors.

4K Resolution

Regarding 4K resolution, the 70-inch TV DImensions will offer four times more pixels than HDTV. 

Ultra HD is interchangeably used with 4K resolution, but the fact is that it is the combination of 4K resolution along with other features such as HDR.


Liquid Crystal Display or LCD is one of the oldest technologies being used in televisions, considering the comparison with QLED, OLED, and 4K.


LCD televisions shine through an LED backlight through a panel of liquid crystal, which reacts to electricity.

The level of detail and colors are not as good as 4K, UHD, and OLED televisions.


OLED televisions are becoming more and more popular with each passing day among hardcore gamers and avid streamers.

Its crisp details, vivid picture, bright colors, and crystal-clear display are the reason.


The Organic Light Emitting Diode, or OLED, creates light within the pixel without a backlight. It helps OLED TV to produce an infinite contrast ratio and offers other benefits that give a better image quality.

However, OLED televisions are more expensive than any other television type.

Infographic of Types of Televisions You Can Buy

What Factors to Look for When Buying a Television (TV)?

Whether you are going to buy a 70-inch UHD TV or a 32-inch HDTV, there are several other things to look for when buying one for yourself. 

Let’s find out some factors to consider when buying a new TV.

What Cost You Could Afford?

First things first, the price range you can easily pay without compromising on utility bills, rent, and school fees for kids.

Buying a 70-inch TV requires enough money for the TV and household expenses.

If you are a super savvy shopper, you can wait until some huge discounts are offered or the shopping season starts.

If you want hands-on experience, visiting the display center rather than buying online is better.

Choose Your TV Size and TV Dimension

As we have mentioned earlier, there is a difference in TV size and TV dimension. Televisions with 70-inch dimensions won’t be considered the same as 70-inch screens.

So think about what space you want to mount your television in and what size you feel comfortable with. 

Choose Your TV Size and TV Dimension

A television with 70-inch dimensions will have a bit of difference in screen size. Make sure to measure the space you want to place in.

Once you have done so, you can easily decide which one to go for according to your space and requirements.

4k or 8K Resolution

We all know 8K resolution offers great picture clarity, vivid colors, and more features.

But if you are tight on budget, you can even consider a 4K LED TV, which is also great for streaming your favorite high-quality shows and movies.

4k or 8K Resolution

Even if you are a gamer, you can go for a 4K resolution TV for a more realistic experience in the virtual world. 

If you are reluctant to buy 4K and can afford an 8K resolution TV, we recommend you wait for the shopping season and get huge savings of up to 50%.

Connectivity Options

Buying a new television is exciting as it will stay with you for years unless something bad happens.

Nowadays, televisions with 70-inch dimensions or 50-inch screen sizes come with multiple connectivity options. 

For instance, televisions have multiple USB, HDMI, and audio/video ports.

In addition, Bluetooth and WiFi are also integrated to help viewers connect to the devices and the internet.

Some people don’t know how to connect their TV to WiFi, but it’s a must-have feature if you want to stream online.

Make sure that all types of connectivity options are available.

So, you can easily connect all your devices, from streaming platforms to home theaters and gaming consoles.

Consider Adding an Audio System

The 4K and 8K resolution televisions are undoubtedly the best choice for anyone. But when it comes to sound, most of them fail to deliver.

You might be slightly disappointed if you love to experience high bass volume while playing games, watching movies, or streaming Reelz or Netflix. 

Consider Adding an Audio System

However, you can address this by adding an audio system to your cart.

Normally, stores offer discounts on buying an add-on with your television, which is common during Christmas, New Year, Cyber Monday, and Black Friday.

Be Smart Get Smarter

Living in the age of the Internet and the 21st century demands being smart.

The same applies to television, which is now becoming smarter in terms of shape as well as features.

Smart televisions are best to buy as they allow you to connect to the internet wirelessly and access apps to stream favorite movies, shows, channels, and much more. 

When going through the features and researching different models, make sure to consider a smart TV.

You can save much of your money by cutting the cable cord and streaming directly on television without paying a hefty fee.

Manufacturer Warranty

Buying a television from an authorized dealer or online store is always recommended. Make sure to buy from a trusted local electronic store nearby or any online store such as Amazon or Best Buy. 

You will be given a warranty card no matter what brand you go for, whether it be Samsung, LG, or TCL.

The terms and conditions stated on the card state what’s covered and what’s not. The warranty lasts about 1 year and for some parts 5 years.

Summing Up

When buying a new television, it is recommended to wait a few more days and do some research and calculations.

Make sure to be clear about what’s needed without wasting money. A small room with a 70-inch TV would not justify the space.

Take the measurements and determine what’s needed and how much you can afford.

Frequently Asked Questions

A 70-inch TV dimensions are 61″ x 34″, which means it is 61 inches / 154.9cm wide and has 34.3 inches / 87.1cm height.

The TV stand for a 70-inch TV should be approximately 65 to 70 inches wide.

The mounting height of a 70-inch TV should be around 42 to 45 inches above the floor.

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