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Bitcasa Drive

Cloud storage for your personal files

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Pre-Built File System

CloudFS is a full‐featured file system, delivered through a powerful set of APIs that provides faster and more seamless integration to application layers than simple object stores provided by public clouds. Developers can leverage pre‐built files and folders along with upload, download, sync, and other media services. Sign up now.

Security & Encryption

CloudFS provides developers with the same private key encryption on top of AWS’s “11 9’s” infrastructure that Bitcasa uses for its Turn-key Drive and personal drive services, ensuring that the data stored in the applications and services you create is always kept safe and secure. Sign up now.

Data Ownership

Unlike other 3rd party cloud services APIs, CloudFS enables you to maintain ownership of your UX, your users, and their data. Using transparent authentication, applications talk directly to CloudFS via access tokens provided by your application server, with no end‐points to implement. Sign up now.

Free Prototyping

By setting up a free CloudFS account, you can develop and test your app before putting it into production. Use up to 25GBs of storage and 10,000 API calls a month to prototype your new storage feature, before upgrading to paid plans that include unlimited file size and end user accounts. Sign up now.

CloudFS API Pricing


10K API calls
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$25/ month
35K API calls
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$250/ month
250K API calls
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$1,000/ month
1M API calls
Get StartedNeed more? Contact us.
Features Prototype Deploy Engage Amplify
Monthly Cost Free $25 $250 $1,000
File Storage 25GB 250GB 2.5TB 5TB
Bandwidth Out 10GB 25GB 300GB 1.5TB
API Calls / Month 10,000 35,000 250,000 1,000,000
Maximum File Size Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
End User Accounts 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Customer Ownership
Data Ownership
Your Brand and UX
Block-Level Encryption
File System Operations
Analytics Basic Basic Coming Soon Coming Soon
Support Basic Basic Enhanced Enhanced

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