AirPlay Not Working on Samsung TV: 10 Proven Ways to Fix it

Your AirPlay not working on Samsung TV can be fixed in several ways. Some of them includes:

  • Reconnecting Your Network
  • Enable AirPlay on Samsung TV
  • Set AirPlay Code
  • Update Firmware of Samsung TV and Host Device
  • Disable 5Ghz Band and Enable 2.4Ghz Band
  • Change DNS Settings
  • Disable Firewall
  • Reset Samsung Smart Hub
  • Factory Reset your Samsung TV

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AirPlay Not Working on Samsung TV

In the past, we have seen difficulty sharing large files whether it be movies, pictures, or videos. Transferring from one device to another was a hectic task and took hours to do when transferring large files.

However, it is just getting easier and more convenient to transfer from one device to another. AirPlay is one of those technologies that allow you to share music, videos, and photos from Apple devices to smart TVs, Apple TVs, and speakers.

You don’t have to worry about your personal and private data being vulnerable to being exposed to the public. If you own a Samsung TV, you can feel how good it is to watch movies, play games, and binge-watch your favorite seasons.

However, if AirPlay is not working on Samsung TV, you may not be able to share photo memories from last year’s trip or play videos you made with your friends.

No doubt, Samsung TV is compatible with AirPlay, but the problem may occur anytime without letting you know. Let’s troubleshoot AirPlay not working on Samsung TV and fix the issue without banging your head.

Troubleshoot AirPlay not Working on Samsung TV

If AirPlay is not working on Samsung TV, don’t just dive straight into troubleshooting.

Before that, we would recommend you look into these important points:

  • The Samsung TV is compatible with AirPlay
  • Try disconnecting and restarting all the devices for at least 5 minutes and plugging and connecting back. 
  • Disable the Bluetooth and check if AirPlay starts working. If it does not, you may enable Bluetooth and see if AirPlay starts working. And if the problem persists, make sure to repair the Samsung TV and Apple device
  • Check whether the VPN is disrupting the connection between an Apple device and Samsung TV. 
  • Connect the device without using WiFi Extender

These little steps will allow you to save much of your time (if any of these work). However, if none of the steps have worked for you, here’s what to do.

Methid 1 – Reconnect Your Network

If you are using Samsung TV, you might have come across the retry network status option. It allows you to resolve connectivity issues by acting as a diagnostic tool.

Reconnect Your Network

If you are unable to connect AirPlay mirroring due to network problems, here’s what you can do to resolve it. 

  • On Samsung TV, go to Settings and then General 
  • Select the Network Option in the Apple TV App
  • You will see Network Status, where you need to click. 
  • Click on the Retry button and for the network to show up
  • Reconnect both devices on the WiFi network

Make sure that all of the devices including Samsung TV and Apple device are connected to the same network.

Method 2 – Enable AirPlay in Samsung TV

Electronic devices are vulnerable to malfunctioning and so does your Samsung TV. If that is the case, it might not let you use AirPlay.

Enable AirPlay in Samsung TV

However, the issue can be resolved by following the steps given below. 

  • Go to the Menu of your Samsung TV 
  • Navigate to General and open Apple AirPlay Settings
  • From the given options, select AirPlay and disable it
  • Wait for a while and enable the AirPlay option again

Check if the problem has been resolved or not, and if not, move to method 3.

Methid 3 – Set AirPlay Code

The majority of devices work with AirPlay either by giving a code or entering a password. If your code has not been set properly, you may not be able to use it on Samsung TV.

Set AirPlay Code

How to set AirPlay Code on your Samsung TV, just follow the steps given below. 

  • Go to General Settings on you and select Airplay settings
  • You will find Require Code option. Mind that you will see Every Time, One Time, and other options to select from 
  • If you choose Every time option, you will need to enter a different code to connect.
  • If there is a One Time option available, you just need to enter the code for once. However, to enhance security you should also select Use Password Instead option

Method 4 – Update Firmware of Samsung TV

As we have seen in many cases previous that updating the firmware of your device can help you troubleshoot the problem. The same is the case with Samsung TV which allows you to fix AirPlay issue.

Update Firmware of Samsung TV

Here is how to update the firmware of Samsung TV:

  • Go to Samsung TV Settings and choose Support
  • Select Software Update and then click on Update Now
  • If the firmware was rolled out, make sure to download and install it 
  • After updating the firmware, check if AirPlay is working on Samsung TV or not.

Method 5 – Enable the 2.4Ghz Band of Your Wireless Router

AirPlay might not work if your Samsung TV and the host device are connected through a 5Ghz network. It is not a new problem as we have seen most Samsung televisions have an issue with the 5Ghz network band.

However, the issue can be resolved by disabling the 5Ghz band and enabling 2.4 GHz. This time you don’t need to access the settings of Samsung television.

Instead, you have to log in to the router’s admin panel. Here’s how to do it. 

  • Open the browser on your laptop and type in the address bar
  • You will be redirected to router’s web portal
  • Enter your credentials and open Settings 
  • Click on Wireless and then uncheck option of 5Ghz and check option of 2.4Ghz.
  • Save the changes and try to connect your devices (both Samsung TV and Host device)
  • Check if AirPlay is working on Samsung TV. 
  • In case, it is still not working, revert your WiFi password to the default

Method 6 – Update Your Host Device

One of the reasons AirPlay not working on Samsung TV is the outdated version of your host device. Whether you are using Mac or iPhone, you need to check your device for the latest firmware.

Let’s look at how to update your firmware on Mac

  • Go to System Preference and open Software Update
  • If the update is available select Upgrade Now
  • After the update is installed, check whether the AirPlay is working or not

Method 7 – Reset Samsung Smart Hub to Default Setting

Samsung Smart Hub might be new to you if you are using Samsung television for the first time. It offers users permission to download a third-party app to the television.

Reset Samsung Smart Hub to Default Setting

However, if the installation is corrupted, this may prevent AirPlay from working. If that is the case, you can reset the Samsung Smart Hub to its default settings.

But before doing that make sure to have a backup such as login details because everything will be erased.

Here’s how to reset Samsung Smart Hub to default.

  • Go to Samsung TV Settings and select Support
  • Go to Device Care and click on Self Diagnostics
  • Choose the Reset Smart Hub option and enter the pin if asked
  • After the Smart Hub is back to its default state, check AirPlay whether it is working or not.

Method 8 – Disable Firewall on Host Device

Firewall is also one of the reasons your AirPlay is not working. Disabling the firewall on your host device can resolve the problem once and for all.

However, before doing this, it is worth mentioning that changing firewall settings on the device may expose the data and device to threats.

Here’s how to disable a firewall on a host device. 

  • Go to Mac’s Preferences and open Security and Privacy
  • Click Firewall and select Padlock
  • Enter your admin password, which will then open Firewall options
  • Check the option of Automatically Allow Built-in Software to Receive Incoming Connections
  • If that does not work, then try disabling the firewall on Mac to resolve the issue

Method 9 – Change the DNS Settings of Television

Apple AirPlay may not work if the network cannot resolve the web addresses. For this, you need to change the DNS of your television to make AirPlay work again.

change the DNS on your Samsung TV

Here’s how to change the DNS on your Samsung TV. 

  • Go to Settings and in the Network tab select Network Status
  • Click on IP settings and Open DNS Settings
  • Select Enter Manually and type in the four small boxes
  • Apply the change and switch your television for some time
  • Power it back on and see if AirPlay issue is working on Samsung TV or not.

Method 10 – Factory Reset Your Samsung Television

Resetting your Samsung television will surely make AirPlay work on it. Before factory resetting your television, it is important to know all your settings and credentials will be erased. 

Factory Reset Your Samsung Television

Here’s how to factory reset your TV

  • Go to Samsung TV settings and click on Support
  • Open Self Diagnostics and then click on Reset
  • If the Reset option is not available under Self Diagnostics, check the General Menu
  • Enter the PIN of your television if asked
  • Once the factory reset is done, check if AirPlay is working or not. You can also try SmartThings App

If all the tricks have failed for you, it is time to add Samsung TV’s IP address to the DMZ in router settings. In case AirPlay is still not working on Samsung TV, you may need to factory reset your host device.

Infographic of Troubleshoot AirPlay not Working on Samsung TV

Summing Up

That’s all folks. We hope your AirPlay is now working on Samsung TV. And if you want to keep yourself updated with tips, tricks, and troubleshooting guides, keep visiting

We make sure to serve our readers with easy-to-follow tips and guidelines to troubleshoot devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

There could be several reasons AirPlay not working on smart V. Some of them include:

  • Smart TV is Not Compatible with AirPlay
  • Your Host Device and Smart TV Needs to Update
  • Both Devices are Not Connected on the Same Network

AirPlay allows you to wirelessly cast audio, video, and pictures from the host device (Apple TV, iPhone, Mac) to a compatible smart TV. It can allow you to watch anything from your iPhone, Mac, or iPad Touch on a big screen.

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