How To Accept Friend Requests On Xbox One Roblox?

Roblox is a popular game and one reason for its popularity is the benefits of making friends online.

As someone who started Roblox on Mobile but then shifted to Xbox One, I had some confusion. One of the confusion was How to accept friend requests on Xbox One?

How To Accept Friend Requests On Xbox One Roblox?

To make it simple for others who are in a similar situation, this simple guide will help you.

By following these steps, you will learn how to accept friend requests on Xbox One and send them to others as well. Also, if you’re a freshman in the world of Roblox, I’ve added a section on how to get online friends on Roblox.

So, let’s get started without any delay and explore the details.  If you have heard the rumor of the shutting down of Roblox, just read my other blog post: is Roblox shutting down in 2023?

Having said that, let’s dive deep into finding a way how to accept a friend request on Xbox One Roblox.

Accept Friend Requests On Xbox One Roblox

Roblox friend request management is easy as the interface is user-friendly.

But still, for some users, it can be difficult so here is a step-by-step guide to accepting Roblox friend request on Roblox: 

  • Open “Microsoft Edge” from the side menu of Xbox One.
open Microsoft edge
  • Type in to open the official site of Roblox.
  • Log into your account.
login roblox account
  • On the top left, go to three horizontal lines and a drop menu will be visible.
  • Click on “Friends” and go to “Requests”.
  • Choose to Accept” the request. (Or “Ignore” for deleting friend requests) 
choose accept or not
  • That’s it. You will see the user on your friend’s list after accepting. Have fun playing Roblox together.

Send Friend Requests On Xbox One Roblox

Now that you understand Accepting friend requests in Roblox, let us give you a guide on How to add friends on Xbox One Roblox.

Here are two simple methods you can try to send out friend requests on Xbox One Roblox.

Through Username

Send friend request on Roblox Through Game
  1. Follow the same steps as above and log into your Roblox account on Xbox One. 
  2. On the homepage, you will see a “Search bar”.
  3. Type in the “username” of your friend. 
  4. You will find multiple people, click on “Add friend” on the account you know is your friend’s.
  5. Wait for them to accept and enjoy playing Roblox together.

Through Game

If your friend is not on Xbox but on some other platform or device. Here’s how you can add them:

  1. Tell your friend to play the “Adopt Me” game on Roblox at the same time.
  2. Find each other in the game and hover over your friend’s avatar.
  3. By hovering, you will find the “Add player” option. Click it.
  4. The friend request will be sent successfully.

How to add more friends on Roblox Xbox One?

Beginners in Roblox can use this guide to increase their friend list on Roblox. Accepting friend requests on Xbox One Roblox is the first step.

After that, you can have thrilling gaming experiences with your newfound friends. This is for Xbox One but some of these tips are helpful even on other devices. 

  • Engage in Roblox Communities and Forums

A great way to make more friends on Roblox is to actively participate in Roblox communities and forums.

Join groups and take part in discussions to connect with like-minded players who share your gaming preferences.

  • Interact with Friends on Xbox Live

With Xbox Live, you can share game captures and achievements with friends. This will create a sense of fulfillment and friendly competition.

Send messages or have voice chats to stay in touch, coordinate gaming strategies, or simply socialize. 

  • Share Impressive Content

Showing off your amazing creations, unique avatars, and in-game achievements on Roblox will catch the attention of other players who admire your creativity.

Whether it’s building impressive structures or designing one-of-a-kind avatars, it’ll help attract potential friends in-game.

  • Take Part in Roblox Game Jams or Contests

Roblox frequently organizes game jams and contests to encourage creativity and innovation among its players.

Participating in these events gives you opportunities to collaborate with other players so stay up to date. 

  • Connect on Social Media

Connect with other players on social media platforms. You know by now that friend requests are sent by username, so make sure you have your username on social media platforms for easy access.

However, make sure to stay safe and only make trusted online friends to engage in only virtual meetups.

Infographic of How to add more friends on Roblox Xbox One


All in all, I hope you find accepting and sending friend requests on Xbox One Roblox easy. By following the step-by-step guide provided, you can accept friend requests and play Roblox with your friends.

Aside from that, I trust you have a good idea of both accepting requests through the Microsoft Edge browser and sending requests using usernames or in-game options.

Go ahead, connect with your friends, and have a great time exploring the virtual world of Roblox together.

You can also make a game pass on Roblox and publish a game on Roblox, just explore its world and have fun.


On mobile, you’ll see three dots on the bottom, click on it. A menu will open, find “Friends” and tap on it. Go to request and accept or ignore according to your wishes.

If you’re using Windows, there are two ways to add friends on Roblox: through the browser or in-game option. After logging into your Roblox account, click on the top left icon to access the game menu. Once the menu is open, navigate to the Players tab to review any friend requests you have received. Accept or ignore as you want.

Use the same method as given for Windows to accept friend requests on Roblox Mac.

You can have only 200 friends on Roblox but the number of friend requests is unlimited.

Yes, you can remove a friend after accepting their friend request on Roblox. Just pen the friend list by following the above-mentioned guide and find the friend you want to remove. Click “Remove Friend” from the options and they will no longer be your friend on Roblox.

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