80-inch TV Dimensions: How Wide is an 80 inch TV?

70-inch TV dimensions are approximately 72″ x 44″, which means it is 72 inches (183cm) wide and 44 inches (112cm) height.

Before buying a new television, you may have gone through features, pros and cons, customer reviews, and warranty period.

You may also have considered the appropriate screen size for the room setting. 

80-Inch TV Dimensions

But one thing you may have ignored is the TV dimension. Aren’t the screen size and screen dimension the same if you are thinking?

The answer is “No”. They are not the same and are not measured in the same way. 

Televisions contrary to the past have seen major improvements such as screen size, overall features, and robust functionalities.

Whenever the word TV comes to our mind, the first thing that comes to our mind is the screen size and the second one is of course the brand which we want to purchase. 

However, one thing that most people ignore is the TV dimensions.

Especially when it comes to large-size televisions, people only bother about the size of the screen instead of the dimension.

You may also be interested in reading the dimensions of a 70-inch TV.

80 Inch TV Dimensions in Height and Width

80-inch TV dimensions may vary in width and height depending on the brand and model you want to purchase.

However, look at the calculations below to give you a rough estimate.

Height, Weight, and Depth of 80-Inch TV Dimensions in Inches

80-Inch TV Dimensions in Inches

Width of 80 Inch TV Dimensions in Inches: 70.1 inches – 72.3 inches

Height of 80 Inch TV Dimensions in Inches: 39.8 inches – 44.2 inches

The thickness of 80 Inch TV Dimensions in Inches: 2.8 inches – 3.5 inches

Height, Weight, and Thickness of 80-Inch TV Dimensions in Centimeters

80-Inch TV Dimensions in Cm

Width of 80 Inch TV Dimensions in CM: 178 cm to 183.6 cm

Height of 80 Inch TV Dimensions in CM: 101.00 cm to 112.3 cm

The thickness of 80 Inch TV Dimensions in CM: 7.1 cm to 8.9 cm

All of the measurements include the physical dimensions of the television. We have not considered any stands, mounts, or other external accessories.

If you have no idea how to measure screen size and TV dimensions, check our post on 50-inch TV dimensions

Some of the top-selling brands offering 80-inch TV include Vizio, Samsung, LG, TCL, and Sony.

What is the Weigh of 80 Inch TV?

Again, the weight of 80-inch TV depends on what brand you buy, which model you buy, and what type of television you buy.

But the approximate weight of 80-inch TV is approximately 41-68 kilograms.

Best Viewing Distance for 80-inch TV

Generally, people prefer bigger screens without knowing what’s the best viewing distance. For 80-inch TV, many factors contribute to perfect viewing distance.

But generally speaking, the ideal viewing distance for an 80-inch TV is approximately 8 feet to 13 feet

Viewing Distance

For optimal viewing experience, make sure to measure the room dimensions as well.

Don’t buy a big TV for a room just because it has a large screen and offers a cinema-like experience.

The reason is you have to maintain proper distance and ensure that you get a full panoramic view. 

Therefore, small rooms require a smaller TV not more than 42 inches.

At the same time, the bigger rooms can manage large-screen televisions ranging from 50 inches to 80 inches. 

As for 80 inch TV, it will be ideal for a room with a dimension of 12 feet by 15 feet.

However, all of these are recommendations; you can change them according to your personal choice and preference.

Before buying an 80-inch TV, make sure to analyze the room layout and seating arrangements.

Tips to Place Your TV in any Room

Television is the most visible item wherever it is placed. It can be a major attraction of any room if placed correctly.

Placing a television in any room is no less than a challenge.

You have to look at various factors such as furniture placement, lighting in the room, windows, fireplaces, and many more. 

This section will give some tips for placing your TV in any room. Let’s dive in. 

  • Find Electric Outlet 

Firstly, it is important to find an electric outlet to plug in your television before placing your television.

Find Electric Outlet

The space should not be too congested because, in the future, you may add some other accessories such as a DVD player, home theater, and sound system. 

The electric outlet should be utilized properly by bringing an extension so that other devices can also be plugged in.

Ensure the wires are not left in the open space because it might harm someone, especially kids. 

  • Mounting TV or Placing it on Stand

The next important aspect when placing your television in a room is whether you want to mount it on a wall or place it on a stand.

Mounting TV

No matter which option you choose, you need to ensure that the viewing angle does not stress your neck.

The placement of the television should be such that it can be viewed comfortably at eye level. 

  • Distance from Television 

Viewing distance is the most important aspect of placing your television. To calculate the perfect viewing distance, multiply your screen by three.

Distance from Television

However, achieving accurate results based on calculation might not be possible. Choose the direction close to what you have calculated. 

Another important consideration is the location of the window. We have already covered this topic in detail.

Placing the TV in front of a window is not recommended.

  • Choose the Center of the Room 

As we mentioned earlier, your television is the main attraction of any room. The moment someone enters the room, the television will grab their attention.

Choose the Center of the Room

If you want your TV to be the room’s main attraction, choose a central location so that everyone can view it comfortably. 

  • Enclose in a Cabinet 

Not everyone likes to see television as the center of attention. If you are one of those, don’t worry, you can put your TV in a cabinet.

Enclose in a Cabinet

Placing the television in a cabinet with small kids, especially toddlers, is safer. Don’t forget to hide all the cables and wires if you have kids at home.

Also, it would help others to prevent falling and tangling in the wires.

Infographic of Tips to Place Your TV in any Room

Summing Up

Buying a television is surely one of the most challenging decisions, especially when buying a large TV with 80-inch dimensions.

In this post, we have covered everything you need to know about 80-inch TV dimensions and measurements.

Also, you have learned tips for placing your television correctly in any room.

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80-inch TV in centimeters is around 180cm in height, 110cm in width, and 12cm in depth.

All the major brands, including Samsung, Phillips, and LG, are offering 80-inch television for their customers.

You can purchase it from the nearest local electronics store or visit online shopping sites like Amazon or Target.

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