Cloud storage APIs for developers

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Bitcasa Drive

Cloud storage for your personal files

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APIs that provide app developers with a pre-built file system that does not require giving up control of user data or the UX.

Turn-key Drive

A complete set of branded apps that enables OEMs, web services, and ISVs to add storage to their services without the upfront cost or risk.

Bitcasa Drive

The most secure way to store, access, and share collections of photos, videos, and music files from any personal device.

A better approach to cloud storage


Designed with protection as the top priority, Bitcasa's platform uses client-side, AES-256 block-level encryption on top of AWS's "11 9's" infrastructure to ensure data is always kept safe and secure.


By better managing authentication, data, and billing, Bitcasa enables developers to quickly launch their own services while maintaining control of their users, data, storage location, and end-user pricing.


With services compatible across devices and platforms, Bitcasa makes it easy for developers to create apps that allow users to store once and access from anywhere, regardless of file size, type or device.


Optimized for fast and efficient access, Bitcasa combines smart caching, network orchestration, and file de-duplication technology with regional file storage to ensure performance and global scalability.

Make the cloud work for you

We have partnered with Bitcasa to help our customers better manage their digital lives with a secure "3" branded cloud storage service, which was seamlessly integrated as an option in our tariff plans.

Jan Chan, Chief Operating Officer,
Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong